Relatively low Quant score an issue for INSEAD?

Launched January 9, 2010
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Hello Veritas Prep Team!

I took the GMAT today and scored 720 overall. However, my score is broken down as follows:

- Quant: 48 (69th percentile)
- Verbal: 41 (94th percentile)
- IR: 7 (82nd percentile)
- AWA: [awaiting score]

My top choice is INSEAD, which recommends a 75th percentile achievement in both Quant and Verbal (and at least a 6 on the IR). My question is whether I should re-take the GMAT just for the sake of improving my Quant score. Or do you think that my 69th percentile achievement in Quant should be alright?

Many thanks in advance for your kind advice!