Relatively low Quant score an issue for INSEAD?

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Hello SBC Team!

I took the GMAT today and scored 720 overall. However, my score is broken down as follows:

- Quant: 48 (69th percentile)
- Verbal: 41 (94th percentile)
- IR: 7 (82nd percentile)
- AWA: [awaiting score]

My top choice is INSEAD, which recommends a 75th percentile achievement in both Quant and Verbal (and at least a 6 on the IR). My question is whether I should re-take the GMAT just for the sake of improving my Quant score. Or do you think that my 69th percentile achievement in Quant should be alright?

Many thanks in advance for your kind advice!



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by MargaretStrother » Sun Jun 03, 2018 4:12 pm
Good question, Will! I'm inclined to answer your question with more questions:
1) Do you believe that you underperformed on this test, given your own background and practice test performance? Or do you think that was the best you could do at that time? I find that most people can give an honest answer to this question, and whether your score is due to knowledge or to test-taking skills will make a difference in how well you might perform next time around.
2) What was your major in undergrad, and how much quant coursework did you have? How are your grades overall, and how were your calc and stats grades in particular?
3) What are your career goals?

I think you can figure out why I'm asking these questions. Some employers take strong GMAT numbers into consideration when assessing potential post-MBA employees, while in other career choices it's not a factor; schools consider your employability in your chosen field, among many other factors, when determining whether you are strong for their school.

Hope this helps, for a start.
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