Low GPA/URM/2 years of work experience

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Low GPA/URM/2 years of work experience

by tennis07 » Thu May 22, 2008 9:30 am
I manage a research study at medical school and I would like to apply for my MBA. I graduated college with a 2.6 GPA from a top 5 school(I wasnt mature enough to handle the deaths in my family). My GMAT is 690. I have taken an MBA class before at MIT Sloan and I did well in it. I do not know if that helps any for when I apply. What should I do to beef up my application? I really would like to apply to Sloan or a school like it but I know it is a long shot. I should get decent recs my boss likes me and is very supportive.

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by VP_MBA_Guru » Thu May 22, 2008 7:45 pm
Hi Tennis,

Thanks for your post. Since you are considered a non-traditional applicant, adcom will want to know your post-MBA career plans and how the MBA will help you achieve these goals. So your 'story' is very important. How does your previous experience and the school's MBA relate to your future plans? For example, maybe you are interested in transitioning from medical-related research to health care consulting (and therefore need an MBA to develop your business acumen).

Regarding your stats - first of all, I am sorry to hear about the death in your family. Not sure if you know, but most schools have an optional essay in which you can (amongst other things) explain weaknesses in your applications - this includes gaps in employment, low GMAT/GPA scores. The OP essay would allow you to explain your situation in undergrad.

That said, you should try to counter your lower GPA with a higher GMAT score. While 690 is a great score, you might want to consider retaking the exam if you believe you could score 30+ points higher - esp if you are interested in MIT

The MBA class you completed is a positive, but will not have a significant impact on your application. Other ways to help your candidacy is having strong extra curricular/volunteer experience. I would also urge you to apply in earlier rounds.

Overall, I think the best thing you can do right now is focus on why you want an MBA and how to effectively differentiate yourself and sell your unique candidacy to AdComs.

Good luck!!!

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