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Hi Brent
I did GMAT twice 4 years ago and scored 610, and 630. Did no course, just followed the explanations in OG. Target this time is 700+.

I have been watching the gmatprepnow videos, doing the relevant questions from OG guide and recording responses on the diagnostic spreadsheet.

I feel i need a question bank to practice more questions in a timed environment. I plan to purchase the following two packages ... 57&catid=1 ... ction.aspx

Is there anything you would recommend to practice 700+ level questions?


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by [email protected] » Mon Sep 16, 2013 4:44 am
Hi mba700,

Those are good resources for extra practice.

For additional practice questions, you can keep taking the two official GMATPrep tests over and over again. Since the tests are adaptive, most of the questions will be in your range. You will see some repeated questions, but that's okay.

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