Reading Comprehension (RC) - All Concepts and Strategies

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- Introduction to Reading Comprehension: Learn the basic structure of reading comprehension questions, and learn some common myths regarding the skills tested.

- Reading Comprehension Question Types: Learn the 6 most common question types that accompany reading comprehension passages.

- Reading Comprehension General Strategy: Learn the general strategy for tackling reading comprehension questions.

- Engaging in the Passage: Learn ways to fully engage in a reading comprehension passage.

- Summarizing each Paragraph: Learn some tips for summarizing each paragraph in a reading comprehension passage.

- Identifying the Main Idea: Learn some tips for identifying the main idea in a reading comprehension passage.

- Identifying the Correct Answer: Learn tips for identifying the correct answer and eliminating incorrect answer choices.

- Answering Certain Question Types: Learn strategies for answering Main Idea questions, Details questions and Inference questions.

- Tips for Each Passage Type: Learn tips to consider when reading certain types of reading comprehension passages.

- Miscellaneous Tips: Learn additional tips that were not discussed in earlier lessons, and review important tips from earlier lessons.
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