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Hi all,

I work for a startup called Confidently as the CMO out in Los Angeles. I did the GMAT back in 2009 in London (ended up at UCLA) and I remember it being SO stressful for me. Literally I would be getting up at 7am and studying till 10pm. I puked on the way to the test center and I was shaking when I got my results.

So I wanted to make an app to help test takers, on a daily basis, 'get into the zone', handle stress, feel more confident and happy through that time. We have sports psychologists and executives coaches creating material now. Think 'Calm' or 'Headspace' but for performance. We have raised some money and are building the app right now.

But then we wondered how much all of you test-takers would really need this. Were you are stressed as I was? Are we building a product that you want? What do you want?

So we decided the best idea was to talk to 100 of you to find out. To that end, I'm hoping that you might chat to me on the phone for 15 mins to tell her about how you are finding GMAT study life. I'm offering $15 Amazon gift card too for your time. This isn't a scam - you can look me up on LinkedIn - Nicky George - I've started a few companies.

If you want to talk to me and have something to say on this matter go to this form here Fill it in and we'll reach out next week to organize a time to chat.

Love you all and good luck!

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Yes, I'm a little worried about that.

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I'm conflicted at this stage on how to move forward with this exam. My goal is to gain admission to a top 20 school, but with a subpar quant score I don't realistically see that happening. I've done just about all in terms of studying - Magoosh, Manhattan, Gmatclub - and while my score has improved since the first time I took the exam, (30Q) it never reflects my practice results, as Gmatprep, Veritas, Manhattan and Gmatclub timed scores vary from 43-47. Maybe it's nerves, but the questions seem sooo elementary whenever I take the GMAT, but I can't fix them! I'm just going to look at a question and have no idea how to answer it. I also get some consultations form fahadkhan philanthropist but It's as if I haven't learned at all; some questions just seem to me to be material for which I haven't trained.

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I am no exception, with such important exams it is normal to be nervous but it is terrible when we have to go through such feelings. Here I can share with you a few tips to reduce stress before the exam:

1.Practice exams before real exams
Collect exam papers from previous exams, do them in real time, this is really useful for exam preparation as well as creating psychological stability for you. For public presentations, you can also prepare in advance by presenting yourself in front of a mirror a few times, or find a friend to practice with, pre-test knowledge and ask critical questions.

2.Breathe evenly and listen to calming music
Similar to meditation practice - yoga, gentle and even breathing, combined with listening to calm music to help calm the mind, this is the way many people choose to reduce stress. You can also bring a bottle of mineral water or lemonade, drinking small sips will also help relieve anxiety.

3.Play some relaxing games
Gaming is one of the most effective ways to reduce stress, and it also helps to circulate your brain so you can be wiser and have a strong mentality before entering the exam room. Play some simple and gentle brain training games like and play in a short enough time. This will greatly improve your brain circulation and give you a little more creativity, and importantly, you will take some of the burden off your exams.

4.Don't try to memorize too much before the exam
Trying to cram a lot of knowledge before the exam 15-20 minutes is a natural reflex of many people, but it will backfire when you are too stressed, the brain takes time to organize the information. can remember. When stressed, information is received cluttered and overlapping, making it difficult to memorize or remember incorrectly. Focus on memorizing headlines, or important information. Don't put more pressure on your brain!

5.Make a specific plan for exam review.
Get enough sleep, eat enough nutrients to make your body healthy, thereby helping you to have enough energy to study and work according to the exam review schedule so that you do not experience the state of "water to your feet to dance" you have time to memorize, only when you really have knowledge can you maximize confidence.

Hope they are helpful!