Re-applicant : Kellogg with ($$$), Admissions Gateway review

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I have a healthcare background and was re-applying to business school this year. As I was doing the process again I decided to work with a consultant to help refine my ideas and improve application execution.

I heard about Admissions Gateway from my friend at Kellogg and after doing my research I decided to join them. There were others from my company working with the firm as well. I also thought that Admissions Gateway provided the most value for money of the top global firms.

In round 1 I had planned to apply to Wharton, Kellogg and Booth. I chose the schools for their overall brand and access to consulting opportunities. The following things stood out to me about working with Admissions Gateway. (My consultant is a Kellogg alumnus)

1) Structure: The entire process starting from recommendation to essays is neatly structured that brings a lot more predictability to the process and helps you plan things well. My consultant helped me better research the school as well as leveraged his vast personal network to connect with relevant people that makes the content rich

2) Personal involvement: My consultant was personally involved till the end. This brings confidence in the applicant as well as continuity to the overall process. It also helps you in the applications of other schools I was now working with Admissions Gateway on as my consultant suggested things given that, through multiple interactions, he started knowing me well - personally as well as professionally. In one instance he even went out of his way and helped me with something that was not in our scope of work even though we were in the middle of the deadlines.

3) Availability: Working on multiple schools with different formats along with work puts you in a situation where many times you have doubts that immediacy need to be addressed. My consultant would be available (over a call or Whatsapp) to listen to me and that brings a lot of comfort .

4) Good knowledge of the school process: For Kellogg, once the written application was submitted, My consultants guidance on the video interview as well as the interview with Alumni was to the point and helped a great deal during preparations as well as in delivery.

It was a great experience for me and this year I got into Kellogg with $70K in scholarship. Would also like to share with re-applicants that if you focus and organize yourself you can make it. Good luck to all!