Rate my profile and recommend schools

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Rate my profile and recommend schools

by kaizmoto1489 » Mon May 24, 2021 2:51 am
Kindly, assess my profile and suggest school

Age 26
Work ex:
4 yr as Project Manger with Steel making company was involved in setting up key process plants for iron steel making
1 yr: worked with Solat PV power generation company as Manager technology looking into improvement of mechanical/civil design of existing structures and hunting for new sustainable technologies globally.

Extracurricular :
Actively participated in Dramatics events, played lead roles too.
Love Sketching and singing
Passionate about photography: capture wildlife and nature in and around places I visit

Also, Please suggest any other B-schools as per my profile.


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Hi Kaizmoto,
Interesting profile! Top business schools will like your leadership and experience in operations/manufacturing, such as steel and solar.

However, I would need more information in order to better advise you about target schools:
1) Undergraduate institution and GPA
2) Test scores -- GMAT or GRE
3) Preferred geography: are you based in the US or in another country? Where do you hope to study and/or work? Do you prefer to study in a large city or in a college town?
4) Goals: who's going to hire you post-MBA, and why does the role you envision require an MBA? We'd like to see alignment between your goals and your target schools.

Your interests are differentiating, but schools will also want to see you do committed community service, so if you haven't done that in the past, you may want to get involved in something now. Whether you apply in fall 2021 or 2022 would depend on whether you've got the test scores you're happy with and how much community service you've been doing.

Hope this helps,
Margaret Strother
Margaret Strother
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