Quiz and Test Yourself Regularly To Improve Your GMAT Focus Prep

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­You’ve been actively reading, watching videos, taking notes, making and reviewing flashcards, and practicing with realistic GMAT Focus questions. All of these activities will help improve your knowledge retention, and most students know about the value of these activities.

But there is a secret weapon that you can use in the fight against knowledge loss: regularly quizzing and testing yourself.

As you now know, the act of retrieving information (when solving practice GMAT Focus questions, for example) helps to strengthen learning. By raising the stakes during your practice, you can further strengthen what you know. You can raise the stakes by sitting down to take quizzes and tests, which tend to evoke greater stress than problem sets do.

For example, to simulate the GMAT Focus Edition, once a week you could sit down and take a 64-question GMAT Focus test. Because these quizzes would be more like test day than just answering sets of questions is, your brain would have the opportunity to further strengthen what it has learned and you will get valuable practice recalling information under stress, which is a skill all its own.

Eventually, of course, you should sit for full-length practice GMAT Focus tests, which are as close to the real GMAT Focus as you can get.

Regular testing and quizzing are powerful ways to strengthen your GMAT Focus skills.

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