Queries regarding the use of MR online portal

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I have recently enrolled for Manhattan Review online portal that gives access to 5 full length tests along with some practice drills. I gave 3 Out of 5 full length CATs and the scores are really discouraging especially of verbal's.
here is the report of my 3 test scores:
test 1 - Q49, V24
Test2 - Q46, V19
Test3 - Q47, V24
I find the difficulty level of verbal and quant questions are no where similar. To me, verbal seems to be tougher than the quant. Will the difficulty level be the same on the actual GMAT?
I would like to brief you about why did I ask this question. Because as I have been told, many prep softwares are equipped with much tougher questions to get you prepared even for the worse that can happen on exam.
One more question i would like to ask- Doesn't my score come with percentage? Because i could just view the sectional scores along with scaled score but not percentage points for my score.

It would be of great help, if someone responds to my queries asap.