Q42 --> Q48: Target Test Prep

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Q42 --> Q48: Target Test Prep

by jbd2021 » Sun Jun 23, 2019 8:03 pm
My official GMAT journey began in March 2018. I sat down for the Official GMAT practice test and scored a 670. To add personal context, at the time I was 4 years out of college. I had forgotten 90% of geometry, and my brain functioned at about ¼ the rate that it did while I was in college.

The first 3 or so months of my "studying," I was finding time here and there to study, but I didn't have a very consistent schedule. As things came up, I did them. Needless to say, three months passed by, I sat for the test my first time and scored a 690 - 42 V & 42 Q.

I knew that I wanted to get a 760 in order to be ~20 pts above the median for my target schools (H/S/W), so I sat down to create a more serious study regimen that would allow me to get from 42V/42Q to 47V/47Q.

Per the recommendation of a friend, who Target Test Prep (TTP) helped improve from 48Q to 50Q, I signed up for the program. Great decision! TTP improved my GMAT math from 42Q to 48Q in about 4 months.

TTP is great because of two main benefits. The first is that the course is broken out into modules, which teach you the critical math skills that you need. These modules each have a corresponding, exhaustive set of questions (over 2K total). An additional benefit, which was not advertised, is the support of the TTP team (in my case Scott). Scott won't sell you dreams; we talked realistically about the improvements that I should expect, the amount of work that it would take me to get there, and the importance of not taking shortcuts. Additionally, whenever I had questions about problems that didn't make sense to me, Scott and his team were VERY responsive!

My final GMAT score was a 720 (40V, 48Q) - shy of my 760 goal... Nonetheless, I was admitted to HBS & Wharton because of the improvements in my math. So, all is well!

Best of luck to you all on your GMAT journeys!