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Dear Applicants,

Some of the essay topics this year are really deep, and there is no way you can do the shallow dance around those topics. To be very candid- some of the applicants send very shallow inputs. If you are working on your resume or your goals, or your WHY This school essay, I want you to implement a new strategy in your life- and this will work 100%

Wake up at 5:00 am, and run for 15 minutes- It releases enough serotonin in the body to inspire you to really value your accomplishments and your career.

Do not check any emails or messages when you wake up in the morning. Just download your attachments the previous evening along with the feedback that is provided on those, and work without looking at billion other emails.

Do not work on 15 different documents at the same time. Work on ONLY ONE every morning. Think about it- let us say you are struggling with "What matters most to you and Why ?" essay from Stanford or are working on creating the "Contribution essay" for Duke, I cannot have you work on this when you are dead tired late evenings or are distracted by Whatsapp 20 times in an hour.

Why am I suggesting this? I know you are much more capable in terms of what you have done, what you can do, but just because you are tired or you are lost, some of you tend to pay a lot of attention to Words, sentences, strategies, and overwhelming narratives that really have no depth. When you work with a very tired mindset, you at times, are just sending me documents under a deadline pressure. Working on a document only because you are under pressure will really not take your game forward. The idea is not to Finish a submission ASAP. The idea is to get an admit.

How will it be for you if your consultant succumbed to deadline pressure with a very lethargic brain activity, and start sending you crap and crap part 2, and junk part 3?

If you send me an essay, or the first cut of your resume, I take time in giving you my best. I want you to do the same. Or else you and I are just going to be exchanging documents.

Trying to create mix of transferrable skill sets on the resume late evenings after a crazy office day is not going to give you a very effective resume. It is going to just give you the satisfaction of having completed that document. But that document will not be representative of your full potential.

RUN IN THE MORNING, and Work on these Documents only for 2 Hours a day. You have no idea how different will your stories look like if you did this for only 30 days. It is not a one time effort that pays- it is an ongoing habit that is really rewarding.

2 Hours in the morning- That is sufficient. You can do everything else throughout the day.

If you work early morning on my feedback, you will have a very strong incremental impact on your documents. I want you to have a peaceful, and a calm mind. Some of you read the feedback and without spending time on it, jump on to a quick conclusion, and have this urge to send the quickest next version in one day.

TRY THIS! Work on your apps in the morning for two hours. The rest of the day- you can do whatever you want.

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