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Dear Applicants,

I hope you are doing very well. I am writing to have a very straight conversation with you.
Some of you really REALLY like to work like perfectionists, and it impacts your chances of
getting your target business school admission. This habit takes a toll on your performance,
and you stop at every step of the process to continue to think like a perfectionist. It is a
good habit to introspect, think about the big-picture stories of your life, but in a lot of
scenarios, it really hurts.

I will share an example- I am working with someone who is NOT EVEN Close to a "Finance
Goals Story" as I know the business schools will NOT, NOT, want to take him if he expresses
that he wants to work in the financial sector. 100%.

I have shared my analysis with him already, but he is not convinced, wants to talk about it,
think more about, and still explore what can be done for a finance goals story. Instead of
moving to the next stages, he wants to really SIT on this step for a very long time, and assess
what can be done for a Finance Story. I am open to exploring when I know there is a room
to wiggle between different functions. However, in his case, there is NO SCOPE At all. NONE.
If I pick a finance story for this MBA applicant, he will be way beyond the risk-appetite of
most of his target business schools.

During these situations, your satisfaction becomes your priority. In order to seek this
satisfaction, you tend to waste so much of time even for variables that are almost binary in
nature (This goals story for example- it is Binary 100%. If he does not agree with me, it is the
end of his MBA Story).

You should know- a lot of steps are coming ahead, and I know these applicants will realize it
once they start really putting in the efforts. If you want to think deeper, think about goals
stories that are closely connected or may be about alternate goals stories that are in the
neighborhood of being viable. If you want to spend weeks or months on wishful thinking,
and exploring stories that are not even closely connected or remotely possible for you,
maybe you should not consider Round 1.

Warm Regards,


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