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Dear Applicants,

Some of you have been advised to take another GMAT
Attempt along with your applications process. You will
work on applications during the office hours- and study
GMAT at home. You CAN DO IT! Really- It is much easier
than struggling for an internship by compromising with the
choice of school. If your GMAT Score is around 650, you have
been told to increase it by 40 to 60 points so that we can
help you crack an Lower B-Upper B school. If your score is
around 730, and if you are aspiring for an Upper A category
school( the M7 Category in the US), you have still been
advised to take another shot at GMAT.

I asked some of you to take GMAT again as I
realized that your aspirations were not consistent
with your current profile/GMAT/GPA etc.
Please consider this a suggestion - It is not easy
for an AVERAGE Indian MALE with a GMAT 730 to
crack Wharton. Similarly- an average Indian
Female with a 710 cannot easily crack MIT Sloan.
While there can be exceptions, the GENERAL RULE
suggests that it will NOT HAPPEN( Unless you have very
Accomplishments) .
An average Applicant with 680 will find it hard to get
admitted to Kenan Flagler ( In most of the cases).

You can spend time along with your applications
process. Most of my students work on stories and goals
during office hours.

Although every school is unique. i.e. Some schools will lay
more emphasis on Extra-curricular activities and Career
projection, the others really want great GPA and GMAT TOO(
and some of these GPA centric schools can ignore Extra-
curriculars if you give them strong numbers).

This year- I am demanding some of you to really push
yourself outside the boundaries, as I want to enable you to
make it to a school that is a couple of notches above where
you stand right now.
I want applicants to make a powerful choice- and an
informed choice.
If you have any confusion or any questions, please feel free
to get in touch. Don't waste anymore time if you are looking
at round 1 applications. It is a learning curve that you will
be elevated to, and that takes time.


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