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Hi Everyone,

Hope your preparation are going very well. I am writing to ask people on this Forum; If you
have a boss who is neither interested in writing the first draft, nor adept at writing a great
letter full of meat, how would you solve this problem?

@ Souvik @BB-Can you share your thoughts? How do people manage recommendation
letters from bosses who are not willing to even write a single sentence, and are just keen on
approving the final letter? What is the most accepted/ethical way of pulling this off, and
getting an admit?

I am seeing a lot of reapplicants come to me this year for application evaluation, and I am
finding shallow/fake recommendations to have had a significant impact on the rejections.
Some of those letters were too good to be true, and were not representative of Boss-
Subordinate relationship. I think a lot of applicants lose credibility just because they were
not able to have a straight conversation with their bosses.

Can you share your thoughts? How will you manage if your Immediate boss said "Write
whatever you want"?

If you are doing Round 1, I will strongly advise you to start a conversation with your bosses
ahead of time. Share an executive summary of your engagements + Accomplishments with
him. If you have a good relationship with him, let him/her work on the first draft and share
it with you. Get this done ahead of time.

Some deadlines are closer than you think.

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