Business Analytics: ESADE vs Duke (Fuqua) vs USC (Marshall)

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Hello all,

I recently got accepted into ESADE - MSc in Business Analytics, University of Southern California (Marshall) - MSc in Business Analytics, and Duke (Fuqua) - MQM: Business Analytics. I am an international student from BCN with a dual degree from RIT in engineering and economics. While ESADE's and USC's programs for Business Analytics are better ranked than that of Duke's, Duke's overall global reputation is superior to USC's and possibly ESADE.
Based on academics, reputation, and job placement, which of these three universities do you consider is best?

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by MBA.Aspirant.2020 » Wed Jun 12, 2019 11:50 am
I think you got into great schools, but from your options, it seems ESADE or USC are the highest ranked, according to QS Rankings. ... ytics/2019

It really depends on where you want to study, live, and/or where you want to launch your career later. However, they are all great schools and you should look into factors such as tuition cost, cost living (Spain vs. the US), career services at the University, and the class profile and curriculum of the program you'll go to.

All the best!

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by Abhyank » Wed Jul 03, 2019 10:47 pm
Hey there,

Master in Business Analytics is the solution for the increasing demand for complex data analysis to solve business-related problems. The program focuses on how to use relevant data to solve complex business problems and maintain that particular data. In this particular program, the students will be trained in Business Intelligence and familiarized with Data Analysis tools so that they can perform predictive modeling.
In ESADE'S Master in Business Analytics Program You'll acquire the technical skills and business vision that employers are looking for. You'll gain insights directly from pioneering experts and visit companies in high-tech innovative cities. And you'll graduate ready to take your career as far as you want it to go, whereas The University of South Carolina will help you develop two sets of skills in students. First, effectively using standard business software tools that are used in data analysis. Secondly, using multiple analytics software tools to gain insights to guide decision-making.
On the other hand in Duke FUQUA School of Business You'll prepare for a career in data-based problem solving by learning at the intersection of business and analytics. Along with a foundation in data analysis, you'll gain expertise in a specific function and a robust set of soft skills, becoming an analyst who can move the whole team forward.

ESADE works with the world's leading companies, including Amazon, Google, IBM and PWC, who come to the school to identify top talent. Whether you want to learn from them, work for them or even one day compete with them, you can start with the MSc in Business Analysis. You can expect the jobs profiles like
1. Marketing Analyst
2. Data Scientist
3. Analytics Consultant
4. Chief Data Officer
5. Business Analyst

Duke FUQUA School of Business on the other hand has an outstanding Employment Statistics with 97% of acceptance rate.The average Salary for the course is around 81,000$.Graduates are employed at over 80 employers in the US and 21 off-shore. Wayfair hired 12 graduates; Deloitte US, EY, PwC and UPS hired three each; ACA, Cognizant, Credit Suisse, CVS Health, Deloitte China, HPE Consulting, Red Hat each hired two. Top Employment Sectors for the course in 2018 was Consulting followed by Finance and Investment Banking.

Top Recruiters for The University of South Carolina Marshal Masters in Business Analytics are Amazon, Cisco City, National Bank City of Los Angeles,, Deloitte, Farmers Insurance, Goldman Sachs, Google, IBM,Microsoft .Maximum number of students goes in Finance Sector followed by Engineering and Economics.The Entry level salary for the program lies between 80k$ to 140k$.

Of Course, it depends upon the resources you are looking for Masters in Business Analytics, whether it's ranking, coursework ,internships, alumni network, projects or research work. Though ESADE and DUKE are equally good and there is no such strong reason why you should go with either of them.

Hope this helped!
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