How to proceed through Veritas material

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How to proceed through Veritas material

by nishaant » Mon Aug 18, 2014 2:18 am
Hi Veritas team,

I have purchased the full course of veritas gmat prep.
Your course has online videos as well as 12 books to read.
Could you please let me know if it is must to view all the lessons also if I am learning that topic from the book. As I have seen most of the information is redundant in books and oline video lessons, still there is some extra information in online videos. But is that worth spending double the time.

Thanks in advance!!


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by Brian@VeritasPrep » Mon Aug 18, 2014 8:44 am
Hey Nishant,

Great to hear that you'll be studying with us! And good question - the books and video lessons are designed to work hand-in-hand, with the video lessons essentially serving as the 'classroom' experience (instructor-led guidance through the material) and the books as workbooks through those lessons. Since everyone learns differently, some people prefer to watch the videos and do the work along with them in the books; others like to work through the books on their own and then go to the sections of each video that they feel they need to have explained more verbally/visually.

It sounds like you're making good progress through the books themselves, so you may want to keep doing that and return to particular sections in the video when you feel that you could use a bit more explanation.

And just while I'm at it - the main reason that so much of what's covered verbally/visually in class is also printed in the books is that I *hate* watching students spend so much time/energy feverishly taking notes in class when that comes at the expense of really thinking about the problems/concepts/strategies we're talking about. So we just printed out all the takeaways, etc. in there so that hopefully people in class don't have to worry about writing down everything they see/hear and can spend more time thinking/analyzing/participating.
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by nishaant » Thu Aug 21, 2014 4:30 am
Thanks a lot for your reply Brian!
Really appreciate it mate.