submit my GMAT, GRE or both?

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Should I submit my GRE, GMAT, or both?

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submit my GMAT, GRE or both?

by redsox06355 » Fri Sep 30, 2016 7:18 am
Good morning,

I'm currently readying my application to apply in round 2. I'm targeting Duke, Michigan, and UVA. I have a little bit of a different background. I have a BS in Mechanical Engineering with a 3.3 GPA from a well known engineering school. I spent two years working at a top 50 law firm writing patent applications for startups and fortune 500 companies. I transitioned into a role doing strategic consulting at well known think tank working with the Department of Defense for the last year and a half (my title is Quantitative Research Analyst).

I took the GRE and received the following score: 156Q, 154V, and 4.0 AWA.
I took the GMAT in August and received the following score: 620 overall, 41Q, 34V, 8IR, 6AWA.
I took the GMAT again last month and my score went down.

I have also taken online courses in accounting, corporate finance, and operations management through the Wharton School to demonstrate my commitment and quantitative understanding.

I would like to join a top strategic consulting firm on the commercial side after obtaining my MBA.

Should I submit both my GRE and GMAT scores? One or the other? Should I address the low quant score in my optional essay?

Thank you in advance,

Nervous in DC


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by MargaretStrother » Sun Oct 23, 2016 7:07 am
Looks like your 620 GMAT is stronger than your GRE scores, so you should submit that one. But yes, do plan to discuss your relatively low score in an optional essay. Don't make excuses for the low test scores, but focus on evidence of skills in the workplace and undergrad courses that you did well in as evidence that you have stronger academic abilities than the GMAT would seem to indicate, and that you are committed to improve even further.

Good luck!
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