Profile Evaluation for Harvard 2+2, ISB and Columbia

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Before applying to any colleges and paying the obscenely high application fees, i like to get my ducks in a row.
I will be taking the GMAT in January and will apply for the third round.

Please evaluate my profile accordingly:

Pre-University - 93.4%
University - CGPA - 3.6/4
BBA - Finance Major - Top University in India.

Awarded the "Naval Education Excellence" in 2013.

1. Student Volunteer Exchange Program - Mauritius - AIESEC - 2 months
Part of the Environmental Conservation Program in collaboration with various NGO's and companies.
Responsible for various drives, awareness programs, surveys, implementation etc.
Learned a lot from the team members who hailed from across the globe.

2. Deloitte Mumbai - Enterprise Risk Management - 2 months
Part of the ERS team, Internal Audit.
Responsible for risk assessments of various companies and was even part of an investigative audit.

Leadership Positions
1. Uddeshya Mumbai - Founder/President
Founded the chapter of a Youth Organization based NGO which looks into spreading awareness about issues such as HIV-AIDS, GMAT Education etc.
Will also be part of a national seminar conducted by the same.

2. Theatre Director - Cultural Club
Head the Theatre department of the Cultural Club, and have participated in many national level festivals and even international such as Mood Indigo and have won in many as well.

3. Rotaract - Director of Community Service
Headed the Community Service wing of the Rotaract Club and completed many successful projects under its purview.

4. Model United Nations - College Level - Head of Delegate Affairs
Played an integral part in the event formulation and implementation of the "MUN" and the management of the delegates.

Start-up Venture
1. TuneOut India - Co-Founder
An up and coming startup which focuses on creating a platform for individuals to Plan, Book and Share off-beat weekend getaways which are hosted by verified suppliers and not packages.

2. Ichchha - Founder
An NGO which focuses on the upliftment of under-privledged children by after-school projects that focus on imparting Business Skills to build business that generate revenue to fund their education and needs.

1. Successfully completed the Kuari Pass Himalayan Expedition.
2. Avid Trekker
3. Been part of College Festivals and many other competitions
4. Successfully completed the KPMG Risk Management Course
5. Selected in the MIT GSW 2016 conference and TOP 40 Elevator Pitch Competition

Future Plans
As clique as it may sound, I wish to bring about an impact by combining my passion for travelling and social entrepreneurship.
I believe this would open up an array of opportunities to learn from fellow MBA students (If I get in) and implement those perspectives into my decision-making process and in some minuscule way, push the society towards global progress.

So far, I have been scoring between the range of 680 - 730 in the GMAT Practise Tests and hope to score above the 700+ level.

Please let me know your views and my chances of getting admitted.


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by MargaretStrother » Sun Oct 23, 2016 7:33 am
Lots of great stuff here! Assuming you are a senior and have dealt with any potential visa issues, all that's missing to be a top contender is an awesome GMAT. For HBS, that most likely means 720 and above -- 2+2 is a tough program to get into, so you will need to be maximally competitive.

Good luck!
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