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by idris1erin » Fri Jan 04, 2019 10:50 am
Idris E, Male(African-American), 21 Years,
Fall 2018 Rowan University Graduate, 2018
GPA: 2.95
GMAT-660 (Q-49 V-31)
Work experience- 3 office roles/ internships in UG ( 2 internships- Top 3 Brokerage firm Gallagher & Analyst Intern for OTS Holdings (NFI Logistics Partner))
Current Financial Analyst
Organizations: ATD Scholarship Program, Accounting Society Member, Financial Management Association Member, Future Business Leaders of America (Phi Beta Lambda)
Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity President (2017) , Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity Treasurer (2016)- Reduced club debt 65% in 9 months
Goal - In my internship role @ Gallagher I was exposed to the role of Large Client Financial Advisory and worked directly under the Head CFP. I wish to become in expert analytically in Finance to help clients make the best possible fiscal decisions moving forward.

Target Schools:
Miami U

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by [email protected] » Sat Jan 26, 2019 11:58 pm
Thanks so much for contacting ARINGO!
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Well done on the GMAT (Especially the quant score. 49 is a very nice score and schools will appreciate this!)
You internships seem very interesting as well and coming from a diverse background might add you 1-2 additional points.
Typically, MBA programs will look for at least two years of full time, post undergraduate experience, so ideally, if you are aiming for an MBA, I suggest you wait a couple of years and build up some more full time professional experience.
Alternatively, you can look to apply different at master degrees that do not require substantial work experience, for example: Master in Management or Master in Financial Analytics...

I do hope this information helps.
If you are aiming for an MBA, I would love to receive your CV in 1-2 years, hear which full time job you landed and of course assist you with your MBA application.

Good luck!
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