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Profile evaluation - What GMAT would make me a contender?

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I am currently preparing to take the GMAT, and diving into my studies. I took the GMAT previously with preparation, and received a 630. Based on practice test scores, I think I can realistically shoot to get in the high 600s, and hopefully crack the 700 mark. Am I unrealistic in my business school choices? What else can I work on now to improve my application outside of GMAT? Worried about my lack of actual business experience and study. Should I take some distance learning courses?

Female, White, 27, American

Why an MBA? I studied film, which lead me to a career in the entertainment and arts business. I ended up being drawn to business strategy and marketing, but without a degree, the farthest I've been able to advance is into event management and publicity. An MBA would provide the qualifications to transition to a business focused position.

In addition, my time working on a couple international events, long term travel, and free time spent studying Italian, I would love to get into international business - with a focus on arts, media, and entertainment

Top Schools: Internationally, my top choice would be LBS (the diversity, the global perspective, and located in London, where I would ideally like to end up), followed by SDA Bocconi (Set up to improve my Italian, as well as a country rich in entertainment and art history). Stateside, my top choices are NYU or Chicago - Booth.

BA in Media Arts Studies
Brigham Young University
3.55 GPA
Academic and Merit scholarship recipient
Studied abroad in Siena, Italy - Culture and Language Focus
Left college in 2012, graduated in August 2015 - completed course work through night classes at the University of Southern California and Irvine Valley College

Work Experience
5 years experience working as independent contractor for events and productions, including well known entertainment award shows and corporate events

2 years experience working for well known film festival in events department
- originally hired as a contractor to work one festival, then a position was created to keep me as a full time year round employee
- Work extensively with donors and corporate sponsors to reach fundraising goals

3 years experience working for large entertainment company
- Started as HR Events Intern. First Intern in that job to ever be offered an internship extension. Managed HR programs and initiatives
- 2 years working in Marketing and Publicity events on a per-event basis.
- Promoted within Marketing Events within 1 year of hire
- Recruited, managed, and trained up to 300 employees per event, with over 20 events a year
- Created event volunteer management program, and assisted with implementation in 3 locations in the US, and 2 abroad

1 year experience in production for a Late Night Television Show
- Hired after 3 weeks of interning, the fastest any intern has ever been offered a job. Promoted within 1 month of starting full time
- Managed archive and database
- Worked with VIP guests and sensitive information

*Note that because events and film are irregular, I often held multiple positions at different companies at the same time, so my work overlaps a little bit. My total years of experience is 5.

Non-work related information (never sure what exactly a business school would be interested in)
- Passionate about comedy. I studied at the Upright Citizens Brigade in Los Angeles, have written terrible stand up, and was once featured as a speaking extra on the late night TV show which I worked at.
- Spend free time learning music - self taught on ukulele, piano, and guitar (working on harmonica)
- Descendant of Mormon Pioneers, including my Great Grandfather who lost two children in his journey from Denmark across the untamed America to Utah. On the other side of my family, my great grandfather became instrumental in the founding of Brigham Young University
- During a break between events in 2016, I sold all of my belongings, and travelled around Northern Europe and the United Kingdom on approximately $10 a day for 4 months.
- Worked summers as a Skipper on the World Famous Jungle Cruise in Walt Disney World; I drove a boat and delivered a pun-ridden spiel to a boat of tourists.


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by [email protected] » Wed Apr 19, 2017 2:18 am
You may have an interesting story to tell. If you get 700+ on the GMAT, with a strong quant score, you may well be competitive with the schools you list (no UCLA ?) make sure your goals are focused and you can thread a nice story of growth. cheers, Alex
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