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Hello All,

Can you please review my profile?

(1) Kellogg School of Management
(2) Tuck School of Business
(3) Fuqua School of Business
(4) Darden School of Business
(5) Ross School of Business

- B.A. Economics, Top Public University (UCLA/UVA/MICH)
- GPA: 3.5/4.0, GMAT: 730 (49Q)
- Hispanic male, 28 years (at matriculation)

4 years total (at matriculation) working in primary/higher education
- Year #1: Served as a "literacy tutor" within an elementary school
- Year #2: Served as an "analyst" within a small higher education start-up
- Year #3/4: Serve as a "teacher" within an elementary school through Teach for America

- Serve executive leadership role at a national pro-bono consulting organization; founded chapter in undergrad
- Serve as an after-school mentor for academically struggling middle school students (2 years to date)

- Short-Term: to work within the education/social sector of a consulting organization
- Long-Term: to become a leader/found an educational reform organization

Thank you!


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by MargaretStrother » Thu Dec 20, 2018 1:05 pm
You've got some outstanding stuff here, Jorge! We've done a lot of work with Teach for America folks; top business schools love the diverse professional exposure that TfA people bring, your leadership, and of course your committed public service. Moreover, your solid GMAT -- higher Quant than most TfA people I've worked with -- will do a lot to assure the adcom that you will be on a par with other students from more traditional backgrounds, and your unique voice will add value in the classroom.
Your short-term goal looks solid; the long term goal seems a bit underdeveloped at present, so that's something we might want to work on.
Overall, I think you would be highly competitive at any of the schools on your list, and they'd be lucky to have you.

Good luck!
Margaret Strother
Margaret Strother
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