Profile Evaluation. Thanks in advance!

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Profile Evaluation. Thanks in advance!

by cookingthunder » Wed Sep 27, 2017 11:10 am
Hi there,

I was wondering if someone could help evaluate my profile and suggest any target schools? I'm looking at NYU part-time or potentially a full-time program.
I'm still trying to get a sense of where I stand. Would really appreciate it--thanks in advance!

- 28 / Asian/ Male

- 3.2 GPA Industrial Engineering which is honors at my school (Top 5 Engineering school, Top 10 public school, number 1 ranked major in US)
- GPA showed improvement the last 2 years
- Certificate in Finance at same university with 3.8 GPA (5 courses)
- Shooting for a 700+ GMAT

- 3 years operations experience at a top manufacturing company (ie GE, Caterpillar, etc) from a Fortune 75 company (completed rotational program)
- 2 years operations experience at a startup in NY that was acquired and was laid off (promoted once)
- Experience managing teams of over 60 employees
- 2 employment gaps (3 months and 5 months respectively) // the first was my decision to move to a new city, the other was due to getting laid off after company was acquired

- Currently involved in a 3 year volunteer program for high school students (requires 3-4 hour time commitment per month)


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by [email protected] » Mon Oct 09, 2017 5:57 am
if you get a 720+ GMAT, you might well be competitive for Stern's FT program. The employment gaps would need explaining in the optional essay. If you can show impact at work, that's key. You don't mention your goals, which are obviously very important. The PT option is good, if you are happy staying with your same employer. The stats for the PT program are likely a little lower than for the FT program. cheers, alex
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