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Profile Evaluation

by Desmond » Fri Aug 07, 2009 5:37 pm
Hi, Graham - I purchased Clear Admit's school guide for MIT Sloan today and I'm finding it very helpful--thanks for the quality product.

To Graham and all admissions consultants:

I'm in the initial stages of writing essays and preparing applications for MIT, Harvard, UChicago, and Stanford. I am determined to get accepted to one or more of these schools. I'd greatly appreciate any feedback you can offer me based on my profile below. I'll try to briefly highlight the facts I think are important (please ask questions if I omit something):


710 Q44 V44 AWA 6.0 (first and only attempt)


Undergrad - 3.83 GPA from a tier 2 or 3 university. I received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a minor in Economics (which included Micro, Macro, and Price Theory). I also received an A in Statistics. I graduated in the top 5% of my class.

Law School - 3.52 GPA from a tier 1 law school. I graduated in the top 14% of my class. I'm currently a licensed attorney. Incidentally, I'm curious, do you have any stats on the number of attorneys who apply to B-school or on the percentage of attorneys in MBA classes (either at one school or across the board)?

I went straight from undergrad to law school--no work in between.

Work experience:

Two years full time - After law school, I took a job with a fortune 500 company. I write a lot of legal documents, though I also work with numbers every day--mostly manipulating data in Excel. In my two years with the company, I've received two promotions. I received the first after only eight months, at which time I began managing a group of nine people. These nine people were my equals when I started--several of them had 4-5 years of industry experience at the time of my promotion. The second promotion came in February of this year; I now have even greater responsibilities and I continue to manage the same group.

The promotions were highly influenced by several noteworthy accomplishments, including favorable outcomes on several big projects that I took (volunteered) responsibility for, and for finding a solution to a large and complex problem that had been lingering for more than a year (my direct supervisor could not find a solution).

I also worked nearly full-time throughout undergrad. For about two years, I worked as an assistant accountant/bookkeeper for a small internet retailer. I convinced the owner to purchase accounting software that could keep track of customer order history, invoices, etc. I helped the owner evaluate software from competing developers; he ultimately went with my recommendation. The software was a huge success. For my remaining time in undergrad, I worked for my professors as a research assistant.


Technology and entrepreneurship - Other than at work, my ideas haven't yet been put into practice.

Mountaineering - I've climbed some noteworthy peaks.

Travel - Fairly extensive international travels.

I am certain that my recommendations will be first-rate. Also, you can probably assume that my essays will be at least "good." I say this because my friends, peers, professors, and supervisors all consider me a "great" writer, and I'm really pouring my heart and soul into these essays--considering my GMAT score, I think that they will be the determining factor, but what do I know.

Thanks in advance.

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by Graham » Tue Aug 11, 2009 11:53 pm

I just saw this post after responding to your query in the general forum: ... 42772.html

I see that you have provided a bit more detail here, which is helpful. At this point, it likely makes more sense for us to chat via phone (once you've read my earlier post) and go over your profile together. Send along your CV/resume and we can set up a time to speak (there is no charge for the initial chat).

Finally, thank you so much for the kind words about the Clear Admit School Guide to MIT Sloan. Our publications team puts a lot of time into each of our guides and we always love to get such positive feedback!

Best of luck,

Graham Richmond
Clear Admit, LLC
[email protected]
215 568 2590

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