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Profile Evaluation

by aanchal1997 » Mon Sep 02, 2019 11:27 pm
Hi Sir/Ma'am,

I needed your help in my profile evaluation for LSE - Msc Strategy and Management and Warwick - MIM

12th - 91%
Undergrad - Bcom Hons - Delhi University - 71% - 2017
GMAT - 690 Q48 V35
Work ex - 1.5 years - EY as an auditor
6 months and still working - Dye gram - Branding startup as a Business strategist.

Please help me evaluate my chances.

Thank you !

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by Abhyank » Tue Sep 10, 2019 11:22 am
Hey @aanchal1997,

I would say that overall you have a fair profile. 690 is a pretty decent score. Though you have an average GPA, you need to showcase your internships and extra-curricular through your essays highlighting how they created an impact on society.
Regarding internships, you have worked with some good brands like EY remember to highlight this and showcase the initiatives you undertook and what was the impact created due to it.

Overall I would say LBS would be in the competitive category for you. But you still have a chance. Make sure to highlight your achievements through your essays and you need a solid differentiator in terms of internships, extra-curricular that will make your application stand out.

To get a detailed idea, you can get your profile evaluated here -
Hope this helps!
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