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Profile Evaluation

by ashfrd » Mon Apr 17, 2017 7:00 pm

Kindly evaluate my profile for NTU, IIM-A/B/C & ISB
I took GMAT recently and got 680.
(Verbal-33,Quant-49,Analytical Writing-3 & Integrated Reasoning-3).
10th Class- 86% CBSE Board India
12th Class-80.6% CBSE Board India
B.Tech Mechanical Engineering National Institute of Technology-Bhopal India , 78.4%
I have 5 years of experience in Ford Motor Company.
3 years worked as New Vehicle Program Engineer (Production Planning & Facility Implementation)
2 years worked as Process Engineer (Product Quality & Delivery Domain)
Is the above GMAT score & profile good enough to apply for above mentioned colleges?
Or do I need to give GMAT again for better score.

Post MBA Goal- I want to continue in Automobile Industry.
any advice or directions is greatly appreciated.


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by mbaMissionKrista » Wed Apr 19, 2017 4:16 am
Hey ashfrd

Thanks for getting in touch. My initial impression is that your gut instinct about the GMAT is right on. I would like to see you break 700 to be competitive at ISB and IIM-A/B/C. For NTU, you might have a bit more flexibility. My suggestion is that you sign up for each school's website and start attending info sessions where possible (online and in person) so you can get more insight into what they look for in candidates.

Regarding your post-MBA goal, one thing to consider...b-schools want to know how they are going to help you get your post-MBA job. Make sure you are very clear about what will be different about your role in the auto industry post-MBA in comparison to your role today. B-schools can be a little less excited about people who want to go back to where they came from...UNLESS you can really clearly explain why it will be different. For example, maybe you want to move to the finance side of the auto industry...your engineering knowledge will be really helpful, but your job will be totally different and the MBA will help you make the transition.

I hope that helps!