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Profile Evaluation

by MadhavMalhotra » Tue Feb 02, 2016 12:47 am

I am Madhav Malhotra
My GMAT score is:


Educational Qualifications:

10th : 84.8
12th : 77
Graduation: Thapar University, Electronics and Communication
CGPA: 8.05

This August I will complete 4 years in IT industry.
Work Experience:

Aricent Technologies:

2.5yrs as a software Engineer in Telecom Tehcnologies.

Currently, working in Oracle as an IT consultant2

Extra Curricular :

1. Part of a small team Involved in Organizing Major Sports tournaments in my college also major technical fests in my college.
2. Organizing tournaments involved getting sponsors, managing budgets and publicizing it.
3. Participation in badminton tournaments in both companies for which i worked.
4. Part of Oracle Volunteers who organize regular events to teach underprivileged students, taking them out for picnics etc.

Could you please tell me which all schools can I target with this profile.

Madhav Malhotra

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by [email protected] » Thu Mar 03, 2016 1:52 pm
Thanks for sharing your profile. You have a ok GMAT score and a good GPA with some nice work experience. I would target programs between the top 20-40 programs. You want to target programs where your score exceed the avg score by 20-30 GMAT points
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