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Below please find a summary of my profile and a few application strategy questions. Thank you in advance for your help!

- 25-year-old white male
- Grew up in Poland and am a bilingual dual-citizen
- GMAT: 760
- GPA:3.7
- Undergraduate degree in Economics from "Little Ivy" (Amherst, Williams, Wesleyan)
- 3 years of Strategy & Operations consulting experience at Deloitte Consulting; top ratings and promotion after two years; MBA sponsorship likely

Undergrad EC
- Founded a pro-bono consulting group during undergrad
- General Manager of 100+ student sub-division of the undergrad IT department
- Psychology research lab; lead multiple studies
- Internships in asset management (Dodge & Cox) and economic consulting (Brattle Group)

Post-Grad EC
- Volunteering with Junior Achievement of NY (3yrs)
- Volunteering with Future Leaders Institute Charter School (2yrs)
- Pro Bono consulting volunteer trip to Panama
- Co-founded social impact group/initiative at Deloitte
- Developed proposals to gain Deloitte funding for non-profit projects
- Deloitte NY Analyst Committee networking lead

Short Term: Rejoin Deloitte to focus on market entry/growth strategy and build the emerging market practice
Long Term: Return to Poland and Eastern Europe to help renewable energy and smart grid technology penetrate the eastern European market which is currently dominated by shale fracking and "dirty" energy (energy experience from Deloitte and both undergraduate internships)

Target Schools:
Round 1: Wharton, Kellogg, Columbia, MIT
Round 2: Haas, Duke

Given my profile detailed below, I would greatly appreciate your input on my proposed target schools by rounds and the distribution of reach/fit/safety. More specifically, should I consider adding another "reach" like HBS, another "safety" like Yale/Ross/Darden?

I have laid out my goals in term of location and industry. Given my long-term goal does not fit into a specific industry (i.e., I-banking, consulting, asset management),, would my story be improve by including a specific role and company?

Given I will be submitting 6-7 recommendations:
(A) is it advisable to ask my recommenders for all 7 recommendations upfront, or should I ask for round 1 and round 2 separately?
(B) is it acceptable/reasonable to ask each recommender to write all 6/7 recommendations?

Thank you,


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by [email protected] » Sun Jun 28, 2015 7:54 am
Matt, you have some great credentials, and I would add another "reach" school. Your long term goal seems very cool, it will be interesting to learn (for the adcom) how that goal has developed. What you have been doing to stimulate your interests in that goal, beyond your heritage. You appear to have some good ECs, best to focus on those in which you have made a real impact, beyond simply volunteering. Seems you have done that directly at Deloitte.

Personally I would focus everything now on R1 requirements, before stressing about recommenders for round 2. If you have good support from those around you, I am sure asking for multiple recs won't be a problem. best of luck. cheers, alex
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