Profile Evaluation Required : GMAT 720

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Profile Evaluation Required : GMAT 720

by manu25 » Wed Oct 01, 2014 2:59 am
Hi Experts,

I am in a sort of dilemma here. Just finished my GMAT last week. As I see, R1 deadlines of most of the B-Schools are approaching and that logically infers that I would have to focus primarily on R2 deadlines.

Now coming to the point, I haven't done any detailed research so far about the business schools and which college I would actually fit into. Herein looking for advice and guidance from so many experts out here. If somebody could evaluate my profile and suggest me about which all colleges I should apply to, and importantly how could I boost my profile further for better admission chances.

Ethnicity: Indian Male

GMAT score : 720 (QA 51, VA 35, IR 4)

Note: This was my third GMAT attempt, I scored 660( QA 49, VA 30, IR 5, AWA 4.5) and 670 (QA 50, VA 31, IR 2, AWA 5.0) in previous two.

Work experience: Telecom 6+ years (7 years by the time I will join)

Currently working with Ericsson India as a senior pre-sales consultant. I have been managing a telecom product portfolio for APAC Region.

Prior to Ericsson, I have worked at various roles involving customer engagement, solution delivery, solution design, etc. with Amdocs, France Telecom, and a start-up, mainly for Tier 1 Telecom Operators across the globe.

Extra-curricular Activities:
I have published a book earlier this year, and have been receiving a decent sale/reviews from Indian Market.
I have also started a small publishing house here in India and will be releasing first title under the house's name by year end.
Apart from these, I have been involved in various corporate sports tournament and have also played at district level.

P.S: During my GMAT exam, I selected Emory, Cox, Olin, Owen, Rice.

Any help or advice will be highly appreciated.



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by [email protected] » Fri Oct 03, 2014 6:41 am
Hey Manu!
Good job on that GMAT, dude!

So although being an Indian/Male/IT candidate, which ALWAYS makes things tougher, your profile seems good. You have a good amount of work experience at a good employer.

It's a little bit hard to evaluate you right now, because I don't know your school, or your grades, or have enough info about your volunteer work and other extras.

But from here, your school list is pretty fair. You may even be able to apply to schools in the 10-20 rank (a bit higher than the schools you have listed here) if your profile is strong and you can write some nice essays.

Here are two links for you that you might find useful: ... b-schools/ ... p-it-up-2/

And then there was Walter, our Indian applicant who blogged for us. You can follow the full history of it here: ... 47&lang=en

Hope all this has been useful for you!
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by [email protected] » Sat Oct 04, 2014 8:13 am
Thanks for sharing your profile, nice job on the GMAT which with the limited information given should make you competitive on paper (if your GPA and school are similarly strong of course). As stated above you are in a very competitive applicant set and raw numbers alone will not get you into your target schools (top 10-25). You have some great extra-curriculars particularly the publishing angle which I think is pretty unique so I would recommending personal anecdotes and accomplishments like that to truly stand out in the process.

Hope this helps!
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by PrepMBA.AlexLeventhal » Sun Oct 05, 2014 10:35 am
I would tend to agree with Jon. Though we can't see all of your critical info (like undergrad gpa/score), you're not coming as a pure IT engineer but have also been closer to the customer with the sales process. This and your gmat can be attractive to schools in the top 15-20 (most of your choices are a bit lower in the rankings). But always apply to a range of schools that spreads out your risk.

Good Luck!

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by CriticalSquareMBA » Mon Oct 06, 2014 3:55 pm
Agreed with the gentlemen (and lady) above - you could be a smidge more aggressive! As you think about your application, look left and right - what sets you apart? So things like your book or publishing house are some really interesting experiences! Don't discount them and find ways to incorporate them into your applications!

Congrats on that GMAT!

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