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Profile Evaluation Request

by mjfree » Mon Sep 11, 2017 1:42 pm
Thanks in advance for your response. It would be helpful to know if the schools I have listed seem to be in line with my profile or if I'm way off. Some feedback would be helpful.

General Information
"¢ Age: 23 (24 at matriculation)
"¢ Ethnicity/Gender: White male
"¢ My goal is to further round out my skill set (have a strong finance base) and go into either corporate finance or corporate strategy.
"¢ Currently working in Fund Finance at a Chicago-based regional commercial bank (we provide debt capital in various forms/structures to private equity firms and debt funds).
"¢ Plan to apply to schools for Round 2, and therefore will have 1.5 years of work experience by the time of application and a little over 2 years by the time of matriculation.
"¢ GMAT: Haven't taken yet but have a good indication (based on practice tests) that I will fall into the range of 720-740.

Work Experience:
"¢ Worked as a general credit analyst for the bank for 1 year including a 3 month stint in our private wealth group , and now am working with one of the Banks SVPs to form a new Fund Finance banking group in the Bank (we officially started the group 3 months ago).
"¢ Given the new start to the group I'm currently working in, I have been given a large amount of responsibility (underwriting, portfolio management, overseeing deal closings, policy formation, market research, etc.).
"¢ Graduated from my institution's well-respected Credit-Training Program. This program is decently selective (hire 10-12 undergraduate students every year).
"¢ Been officially promoted twice over 1.5 years - Credit Analyst 1 - Credit Analyst 2 - Relationship Manager 1

"¢ Graduated from a small, liberal arts college in the Midwest where I double majored in Finance and Accounting and also had an additional concentration in Information Systems.
o School is well-respected (#1 in its peer group on US News) but not nationally known/recognized.
"¢ GPA: 3.95
"¢ Have passed the first two levels of the CFA Program (out of 3 exams) - will sit for the last level prior to matriculation.
"¢ Been on the Junior Fundraising Board for a Chicago-based not-for profit for over a year that focuses on helping children with life-long illnesses (HIV, cancer, epilepsy, etc.) who also live below the poverty line.
"¢ While in undergrad, I was an Orientation Leader, RA, and Student-Body Treasurer.

Target Schools
"¢ Stretch: Dartmouth, Yale SOM
"¢ Competitive: Michigan, Darden, Duke, Kenan, Cornell
"¢ Safety: Indiana, Georgetown, Vanderbilt, Notre Dame


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by [email protected] » Thu Sep 21, 2017 2:37 am
honestly, I think your candidacy will be MUCH stronger in a couple of years, at which point your stretch schools become targets etc? You can probably gain admissions to your targets now, but you would be under selling yourself. If you continue to work, gain additional challenging experiences and further develop your ECs, that would help. You also want to refine your goal a little, which is an aspect of someone who may need to develop more at work. Hope this helps. cheers, alex (sorry it's late)
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