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Profile Evaluation Request

by santoshiy » Thu Aug 03, 2017 2:36 pm
High Level:
29 years old, Indian male, Canadian Citizen
Education: Elite Canadian University (Top Engineering School in the country), Major in Biomedical Engineering for my undergraduate and graduate (masters) degree

uGPA: 3.12
gGPA: 4.00
GMAT: 710 (38V, 48Q), 6.0 AWA, 4 IR

Work Experience:
4.5 years of work experience in surgical robotics - currently at Intuitive Surgical (the top surgical robotics company in the world, located in silicon valley), doing upstream marketing, clinical and engineering work. I also developed a company wide product-management education curriculum aimed at medical device professionals, designed for those entering product marketing within the organization. I currently pioneer machine learning/AI product features through a product roadmap for the DaVinci robot.

Worked at small and mid size surgical robotics companies prior to this job in silicon valley and Minneapolis, and launched several successful FDA-approved surgical robots through these experiences.

Post-MBA goal:
To transition into product management (already on this track and will become one by the end of this year) and get into product strategy and eventually head towards the executive track/CEO path.

Extra curriculars:
Passionate about social responsibility and education. Lead my own surgical robotics education non profit, the Medical Device Hatchery, to teach high school and undergrad students concepts in medicine and engineering, prototype Lego and non Lego based surgical robots, and create a learning pipeline for students to feed into the industry through internships.

Partnered with Stanford this summer to co-launch an open-ended surgical robotics design challenge through their BioEngineering camp, and setup guest lectures and site tours at Intuitive Surgical. Worked with Stanford students to secure a $6500 grant to scale initiatives at Stanford for the following year.

Outreach programs in India, partnering with local med tech incubators to scale industry and education opportunities for students in 33 engineering schools pursuing surgical robotics research and development.

I did OK on my GMATs and have a weak undergrad GPA (been 7 years out of undergrad!), but I feel I have solid work experience, and a good grad GPA. What are my chances at H/S/W, and Booth and Kellogg?



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by [email protected] » Fri Aug 11, 2017 2:46 am
Can you retake the GMAT, and still apply in Round 1 (which will be important for you, since you are part of a very competitive profile). You experience looks interesting, and tied with compelling goals, you should be an attractive candidate. Just fear the GMAT uGPA combo is going to let you down. cheers, alex
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