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Profile Evaluation Request

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Profile Evaluation Request

by vandanaj » Fri Aug 05, 2016 7:47 pm

I am Vandana,24 years old, from India.
GMAT : 710
GPA : 3.7
10th : 90.6%
13% : 83%
Undergrad : Bachelors in Technology, Computer Science Engineering.
Working since past 2 years at Bank of America Continuum Pvt. Ltd., as a Senior Technical Associate.
I have several certifications in finance related topics and have an award too for an outstanding performance.

I am halfway through Competent Communicator manual of Toastmasters International and have won few speech contests. I would be done with this manual by September end.

Volunteer Experience:
I am an active member of the volunteering arm of Bank of America, called Team Aspire in which we adopt schools for underprivileged adults and teach them ourselves. I also taught in a community school in Assam during last summer, for 15 days. Back in college, I co-founded Teach for Vellore, which works on similar grounds as Teach for America or Teach for India.

I want to pursue MBA (yet to decide between Finance and General Management) in 2017 and wish to know my chances. Wharton, Harvard and Stern Business School are my dream colleges. Apart from these, I have the below listed colleges in mind:
NUS Singapore
HEC Paris
Columbia, NY

Can you please help me here and help me list which all colleges I do have chance. Also, how I can make my application stand out.
Also, could you help me with my application process.
Could you also share some email id or some contact to get in touch with you.



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by CriticalSquareMBA » Mon Oct 31, 2016 3:14 pm
Hi there,

A big part of your application is your overarching story and highlights of what makes you unique. What are you hoping to achieve with your MBA? What roles are you targeting upon graduation? What aspects of your MBA will help you achieve your long term goal?

Your academics are pretty good. They don't stand out, but they won't keep you out of your target schools. Your work experience, however, doesn't show me anything special. You want to make sure you frame your leadership experiences and highlight your work outside of work and impactful. At the moment, schools like H/S/W, CBS, and Booth seem like stretches. However with the right story, it may make sense to apply to a couple of them in addition to others on your list.

As far as EU vs. US - that all depends on where you see yourself in the future as geographical considerations are important.

If you're looking for some help for R2, we'd love to chat and see how we can help. Best of luck!
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