Profile Evaluation Request - Male/Filipino/700 GMAT/IB

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I'd like to kindly request you for your review of my profile. I am targeting schools such as LBS, HEC, IESE, Alliance Business School, Rotman, and Schulich.

Male from the Philippines
Age 25
GMAT 700
GPA: 3.19

Bachelor of Science in Management from a Top 3 School in the Philippines. Was in an honors course which comprises of the top 15% of all students in the university. Quant Heavy.

Work Experience: Worked 3.5 Years (4 by matriculation)

1st Job - Large International Bank based in London and Singapore
Started out as a graduate trainee in the bank for a 1.5 year program including a 3 month stint abroad doing projects. Left the bank as a project manager handling all project management and governance and control functions for a unit of the bank.

2nd Job - Top 15 Local Bank in the Philippines
Was recruited to help start the Investment Banking (focused on Capital Markets) business of said bank. Part of a 2 man team which grew the office from start-up to becoming a top-10 player in the industry also increasing revenues by 400% y-o-y. Currently Officer in Charge of the division since the retirement of previous boss handling all aspects of the unit from business (originating and executing Capital Markets transactions) to administrative work (Person in charge of the unit for compliance, risk, audit, and other non-business functions.

Recommendations: Can get recommendations from my former boss (currently CFO in a top 10 bank in the Philippines) and the current CEO of my current workplace.

Extra curricular - Avid traveler. Play a lot of sports (Tennis, Muay Thai, Football etc.), and played some competitively. Consulted for a large local NGO as part of previous internship experience and some volunteering efforts.

Post MBA - Continue working in Investment Banking in M&A or Capital Markets in a large foreign institution. Plan B would be to go into Management Consulting (have previous experience in the field from internships). Long term goal would be to return to the Philippines and join a local bank or set up my own shop in Financial Advisory/M&A.

Thanks all!


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by [email protected] » Wed Nov 08, 2017 3:35 am
Sorry for the delay in responding. Your experience looks good, especially your most recent experience. If you can use this to show leadership and impact (which you should be able to do) this will be very good. Numbers appear to be OK, but it will be your experience which should help you through the process. For your long term goal, stick to banking, rather than share an alternative (unless explicitly asked.) cheers, alex
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