Answer evaluation, Thanks you.

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Answer evaluation, Thanks you.

by Asawa7 » Wed Apr 24, 2019 5:20 am
1.Why have you decided to join the MSc in finance?

It's my passion because I want to enter into a financial world and join an investment or a bank sector in my career and for life.
The reason for this is I've always wanted to work in this industry since when I'm still studying in a university and have an experiences in an investments stuff like FX and derivatives. But the problem is I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Entrepreneurship, so I decided to gain an insight knowledge and know-how in finance from a respected university that also have a good environments and a good people willing to share their wisdom, perspectives and experiences with me.

2.What may differentiate you from the other candidates? What added value can you bring to the school?

I think it's because I'm an optimistic person that always ready to help people and eager to learn a new things, meet a new friends, furthermore I always see the best and in a positive way in almost any situations whether it's bad or good thanks to my personal experiences that have shaped me into the person that I am today. Beyond that some places in my hearth really want to make the world a better place for everyone.
So let's talk about what I can do for the school. I love volunteering because I love people and society, Second I always respect others and treat everyone with politeness and equally I'm open to any kinds and types of activities that can contribute to community.

3.Describe your latest or most important achievements.

When I was a sophomore my professor had given me and the other groups an assignment to start a business plus a competition among each groups around a university's location for 1 week , each group with 10 members but only my group has only 2 members due to a lot of students have retired from a classes. Anyway I've accepted the challenges and look for some fun and to create something, I've had purposed an ideas and a plans to make it work with the other member and asked a friend of mine's from a difference majors that I've met in the university to help for the project.
We'd opened a donut shop, my job is to find a place to buy a good quality but not too cheap donut and control a ledger and profit-loss statement I also operate a donut shop and manage a team members while the others selling the products and do marketing. Everything goes according to my plan and in the end my group had won first place in the competition.

Found an opportunity
I've always had the desire to venture into an investors world to meet and to work with a good person. So I decided to learn about a financial and investment world by reading a books and watching a videos on the internet every single day.
As the plan entered reality, I had to take some actions; I did get enrolled in a business, finance and investment conferences and seminars to learn more and to build my understanding in the things I love. After I've gained a fundamental knowledge about an investment and a loads of confident I started to buy and sell a derivatives via the internet and made some profit from the stock market.
I plan to have an in-depth understanding in finance and much larger-scale achievements in the future, because I have seen the ways how an investors can use theirs knowledge and skills to contribute to the development and prosperity of society and the environment. At this moment I'm really sure that to become an investor is what I wanted to do.

4.Do you follow financial, economic or business news on a regular basis? If yes, via what sources? What news item has particularly attracted your attention recently?

Yes, I do follow a financial, economic and a business news everyday and night when I have a free time via a newspapers, on the internet such as CNBC, WSJ, Yahoo, Bloomberg and Reuters, sometime by a financial and business magazines.
I've recently read a news related to an Artificial Intelligence and the title of the article is "IBM Artificial Intelligence can predict with 95% accuracy which workers are about to quit their jobs" which explains how and why an AI can help to improve a skills of an employees and reduce cost of a company with a smart AI, which show me that it can benefits a human life in so many ways.

5.If you were to invest a certain amount of money in the nearest future, what sector/company would you give priority to?

I would give my priority in Technology sector industries, The reason is simply because I love technology and always studying about this industry. So I have understand this sector or a companies in this industry better than any other sectors. Thus I love to invest in a companies that related to technology as a firms that have a better technologies or a products that people love and need, It will outperform and dominate the industries in the long run.

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by Brandonmef » Tue Jan 05, 2021 3:54 am
I dont think you can answer that question. There are to many variables involved to say that one steel is the best, IMHO. I will looking forward to see what the masters here say.