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Profile Evaluation - LBS MiM

by Baldo » Wed Mar 09, 2016 6:57 pm
Hi everyone!
I have been looking around here since a while and finally decided to call for help (registering) and writing my first forum post.
First of all, thank you regardless you will reply to this post or not. I found lots of things here really useful and definitely helpful for the future.
If you want to give me your opinion, here you are:

21 years old Italian
Bocconi University - Business Administration (#1 Italian Business school) - Exchange semester in Hanyang University (#3 Korea but the most famous for tech)
GPA: 3.5/4.0 (26.9/30)

Work Experience
Summer Marketing Intern - Small italian tech startup
Student Ambassador of a european association
Marketing team member in a Brazilian NGO (Summer)

International scholarship received before going to South Korea
2nd Place in a business innovation conference organized by Warsaw School of Economics & Google
AIESEC Member - our team was the national Top Performer and the project was later endorsed by Ministry of Education

Manage my own family holiday apartments (since I was 16)
Trying to establish a startup that help Tutors and students finding each other (still offline operations, hope the website will be online soon)
Football player in a 5-a-side team during my 2nd year
Volunteer (free meals to homeless)
Extracurricular courses in my hall of residence and in university

I currently speak Italian and English fluently, German and Spanish at an intermediate level and I hope to get my HSK 3 (out of 6) in Chinese by the end of May. I am at a really basic level of Russian and Portuguese, so I will not mention them in my resume.

I will apply during before the May deadline
Career goals: Consultancy/late stage startup and then hope to start my own Tech venture
GMATPrep 1 (diagnostic test done yesterday): 640 (Q42 V35)
I have almost 6 weeks to improve my score and I am determined to go 700+. I already set up my study plan (useful tips like timing strategies and so on. I really read a lot on here in these days, and it was definitely worth it!) but every piece of advice is appreciated, of course.

Sorry for the long post, but I am sure you will need to understand the situation to evaluate it properly.
Have a nice day!

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by [email protected] » Thu Mar 10, 2016 5:18 pm
Thanks for sharing your profile.

You show great well-rounded experiences, make sure to use them to highlight results achieved or paint a vivid picture, or demonstrate genuine self-reflection to communicate lessons learned and personal development. Doing these would maximize the impact of your rich experiences, and make for a convincing and compelling application.

Wish you all the best on the GMAT and with the applications!
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by Abhyank » Fri Mar 18, 2016 11:55 pm
Hey baldo,

Your academics seem pretty good. You have graduated with a good score from a good school which will be a positive thing on your application for the LBS Mim. Your extracurriculars seem promising as well. Your work experience is not a lot, but this will not be a hindrance to your application as a lot of LBS applicants do not have a lot of work experience too. So don't worry about it. Another good thing about your application is your proficiency in the different languages you have mentioned. It shows good flexibility on your part and will certainly be appreciated by the school.

Your GMAT score of 640 will slim your chances and getting a 700+ should definitely be your target. Try to work on improving your quant scores as they show your analytical capabilities.

Having said that, keep in mind that the application form required from LBS is pretty comprehensive and you'll need to spend enough time on the application. I personally spent almost a month on the application. Other very important components of your application are application essays, LORS and interview amongst other questions you're required to answer. You can get help on the admission process and insights as to how to handle the application questions in the following link:

The reason why I believe you should spend enough time on your application is because you need to let your thoughts sit and brainstorm in a specific manner to data mine your life into words on a paper. Keep revisiting your essays till you perfect them and get an outside perspective on the essays. Do not attempt to mention everything you've accomplished. Pick out a few themes from what you've done and focus only on them and paint a story to your reader about your life. You can check out our free resources for essay writing tips and free essay editing service in the following links:

When you work on getting your LORs take some time to decide who you want writing your LOR. It's always better to get someone who knows you better than someone who is higher in position and knows you superficially. Also, make sure to provide your recommenders with guidelines on how to position you in their letters. Do not write it yourself, just provide your recommenders with enough information by giving them access to your essays, resume etc. It is very important that what your recommender says is in sync with what you have to say in your essays. You can check out our free resource on how to position your LOR to stand out of the crowd here: ... help-.html

When you're working on your CV, remember to keep it concise, simple and easy-to-understand. There are so many different formats that people follow for their resume and you can incorporate your own style when designing your CV and try to make it at most one page. CV is like your table of contents on what you've done in life. Nobody wants to read a detailed table of contents. You can check out our free resource on resume writing here:

You can also get a free profile evaluation on our website:

You can also get more insights into your interview preparation in the following links: ... tion-.html ... tions.html

Do let us know if you require any additional help on your application. Good luck for your GMAT and application. Cheers.
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Re: Profile Evaluation - LBS MiM

by anna115 » Sun Sep 20, 2020 9:58 pm

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Re: Profile Evaluation - LBS MiM

by GurbaniKaurSuri » Thu Nov 12, 2020 10:18 pm
Profile Evaluation is one of the crucial tasks to be performed before deciding the future course of action. Profile evaluation helps in understanding our core areas and weak areas and hence students can work on them accordingly to strengthen their profile. Here is a profile evaluation tool to help you find your strong and weak points