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Hi Stacey, I present relevant aspects of my application profile for your honest consideration. Thanks very much in advanced.

Age: 29 (when applying)
Nationality: Colombia
Other: 1 child (10yr old)

Double Degree (BBA) in International Business and Finance
Berkeley College (New York): Relatively un-known college (GPA: 3.9/4.0) (Merit Scholarship-President´s List)
EAFIT University (Colombia): High ranked college in Colombia (GPA: 4.1/5.0)(aprox. 3.4/4.0)
GPA shows consistent ascending pattern throughout the entire career.
Extracurriculars in College: Member (but not director or founder) of Management Club. Received award for outstanding membership. In general however, I think this aspect is weak since I had to combine work and fatherhood during college.

Work experience:
Worked for 2 years as a research analyst at boutique investment bank in NY. (1 promotion)
Worked for 4 years (when submitting application) as senior analyst at biggest investment bank in Colombia (1 promotion)
Ample transaction summary. Closed several deals in M&A and Project Finance, both locally and internationally. Strongest point of the application. Good recommendation letters from current bosses.

Community & Activities:
Juror and advisor for the principal entrepreneurship contest in Colombia (last 2 yrs)
Undergraduate Professor of Financial Analysis at alma mater (Last 2 yrs at EAFIT)
Completed 3 pro-bono projects advising local NGO´s in expansion projects (last 3 yrs)
Lecturer and motivational speaker for low-income young people under Mayor´s Office plan
Recently founded a furnished- apartment rental business on the side for extra-income

Have not taken it yet (Practice tests b/w 650-700 but still completing the prep.)

Sloan, Columbia, NYU, Haas

Any major holes you spot in my profile? Any interesting aspect that I should exploit more aggressively? Any tip to differentiate from other international Invt.Bankers?
Won´t be looking for job in the US since I´m returning to my employer. Will this give me any edge?
Might apply as Fulbright scholar through my sponsor. Given my profile, would this be a major boost or just another minor piece?

Thanks very much for your advice.


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by Stacey Oyler » Fri Mar 05, 2010 1:10 pm
Hi Juan,

I saw you posted this twice. Please defer to my response on 2/19 to your post entitled "Profile Evaluation - International I Banker."


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Profile evaluation

by herbalsejagat » Tue Sep 19, 2017 7:42 pm
Great profile, and thanks for your analysis!

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