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Profile Evaluation Request

by jarydo » Wed Mar 23, 2016 3:25 pm
Hello, I'm looking for some feedback on my profile, and I am specifically targeting the Kellogg Part-Time MBA Program (Saturday accelerated track). I feel I will be a strong candidate for the program based on conversations with peers and friends who attend similar programs (Booth part-time) and who have attended other top-tier full-time and executive programs (MIT, HBS), but I would like some professional feedback as well. I'll start with the basic bio:

Age: 27
Years Experience: 5
Demographic: American white male
GMAT: 720 (Q46,V44,IR6,AWA5.5)
Undergrad: 3.44 GPA - double major in Supply Chain Management & Marketing from Arizona State University. 4.0 GPA for classes specific to my majors.

Work Experience: I started my career as part of a rotational program at Rolls-Royce which included three 6-month positions in the supply chain/purchasing function - one of these was international in the UK. Following this I spent ~2 years in a Project Manager position at RR in the energy sector. I didn't have any direct reports, but lead numerous high-visibility global projects with cross-functional teams, with very positive results. RR Energy was then acquired by Siemens Energy, and throughout the year long acquisition process I led 2 significant workstreams as part of the M&A activity. I then moved to a role as a Purchasing manager as we became Siemens, and a built a new team with 5 direct reports. I hired the entire team and managed them for ~1 year, at which point we made a decision as part of the company transition to transfer the workload to a centrally led department in the new company - where I led the transition activity and had to lay off a portion of the team. I then moved to a customer-facing project management role with global responsibility, which I have been in for the past 6 months. While I gave up people-management for the new role, I decided it was important to get breadth in a customer-facing position. I am currently building this team into a larger department which will involve hiring several people.

Throughout my career, I have been nominated to "high potential" programs in both companies, and through this have led and been involved with several other organizational change related initiatives, which include a major facility shutdown. I also led campus recruiting from my company at my alma-mater which resulted in several successful hires. My customer facing and supplier experience is primarily international, including Europe, South America, Middle East and Asia.

Extra-curriculars: I held several executive positions in my fraternity during college. Outside of work-related activity and various hobbies, I don't have much community or charitable involvement (I have relocated several times in my short career and put the majority of focus towards work, so I just haven't made the time).

Why Kellogg PT MBA?: I am currently involved in some significant change initiatives in my company, including continued acquisition/integration efforts, and a major facility closure. I would like to make the transition to management consulting after my MBA, and feel this continued experience is very valuable. The Kellogg focus on leadership, teamwork, and creative problem solving really resonates with me, and I felt very much "at home" during campus and class visits (compared to competitive part time programs like Booth).

Overall, I feel I have very strong professional experience, for the program, and good GMAT and undergrad (especially for the part time program). My "story" throughout my essays and recommendations centers around demonstrated leadership, international experience, and continued growth, all of which fit in very well with the Kellogg principles. However, I know I have a weak spot in extra-curricular involvement which I'm concerned will hurt me.

What are your thoughts?


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by mbaMissionJenK » Wed Mar 23, 2016 8:51 pm
Hi there,

I do believe you should be a solid/strong candidate for the Kellogg PT program.... your GMAT and grades are solid, you've been promoted and recognized at work and certainly developed leadership and teamwork skills, and have the international experiences as well and explanation of how this degree will help you at work directly. I'm not TOO worried about extra-curriculars, though can be more of a plus, but at least you have some involvement at college, the last time you were in a campus-setting. The fact that you really 'feel' a good fit with Kellogg will hopefully come through in your essays and interview and help too! Good luck and keep us posted.
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