Profile evaluation for multiple schools

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Profile evaluation for multiple schools

by nikhil.16b » Tue May 22, 2018 1:53 am

I need my profile to be evaluated for the following schools & few pointers for cracking admissions.

Here's my profile
Indian, Male
Age: 25
Undergrad: Bachelor of Technology, Mechanical Engineering, 2014
College: Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University
Key Achievements:
1. Bagged first prize in Technical Paper Presentation at SAE(society of Automotive Engineers), India
2. Special recognition award from college for driving SAE, students chapter.

10+ live projects(working models) in 4 years.

Extra curricular activities:
1. Served as a core committee member for Tech fest & have brought in sponsors from leading car manufactures and real estate developers.

Work ex: 3 years 8 months

Company 1# One of the leading ITES MNC
Duration: 2 years
Designation: Design Engineer
Work exp. uniqueness: Was the only engineer in a 800 pool to work with both Design & Analysis teams in parallel.
Participated & won - Innovation award for Design - Rail safety(internal event)

Company 2# EdTech start up backed by one of the top IT gaints in India.
Joined as: Asst. Manager - Marketing
Rolled into: Asst. Manager - Strategy & Business operations in a year.
Responsibilities - I head 3 functions, Strategy, Recruitment & Customer Experience/Delivery and report directly to CEO.
Team size - 9(8 in customer exp/delivery, 1 in recruitment) + couple of interns on rotation. (of 9, one of them is 7 yrs elder to me & couple of them are MBAs from tier-2 Indian colleges, not sure if this needs to be highlighted as a ability to manage senior folks)
Apart from this, I work on Digital Marketing - handling quarterly budget around 30 lakhs alone with 8x ROI.

Program duration: Preferably 1 year.

Schools I'd want to apply - INSEAD (fontainebleau/singapore), Oxford(Said), ISB, Stanford(dream school, still I'd want to give a shot)

Schools I should look for ??

Would be great if you drop in two options at least in each category.

Post MBA career aspiration - To get into VC.

Let me know, If I have to share anymore specifics.

Thanks in advance :)


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by MargaretStrother » Fri May 25, 2018 4:34 am
Lots of good stuff in your profile! Top b-schools will be attracted to your solid GPA and diverse work experience. Missing for me, however, is your GMAT score, which makes a huge difference in the schools you're targeting. So first tip: 740 plus!

Next tip: VC is a dream career for many applicants, but schools aren't particularly receptive to people aiming for VC immediately post-MBA unless they have relevant experience beforehand. Coming from IT, even for an international company, puts you at a disadvantage for this career goal. So second tip: find more realistic post-MBA goals, at least for the purpose of your application.

Third tip: we'd love to find ways that you stand out from others with similar profiles, so start thinking about what makes you different. Community service and international exposure are not presented here, but these are good directions to pursue. For example, if you're working for a multinational, try to get transferred to another country for a while -- that would give you an edge over the competition right away.

Without a bit more information, I couldn't give you a spectrum of "reach/safe" schools, but of course Stanford is a "reach" for pretty much everybody. If you haven't taken the GMAT yet, that should be your first task, because it will help a lot in determining whose radar you're on; you can take your school-selection strategy forward from there.

Good luck!
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