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Hi. I am planning to apply for masters in management in France.

GMAT 650 (q47,v31)
GPA 8.5/10 B.Tech IT
Technical Paper Publication in IEEE Library
Loads of management based internship experience
Will have 3-month professional work experience in IT by the time I apply.
Member of Core-organising committee in college (received an appreciation letter from the college principal and ISRO)
Social work done in high school for 6 months and in college for around 2 years.
Will join another NGO soon.
I am going to start learning french soon and will have 3-4 month of french experience by the time I apply.

I am planning to apply in the first round this year (2020)
Target colleges : ESSEC, ESCP, EDHEC

What are my chances in these colleges? and any other college I should consider?

PS;I cannot give GMAT again. Any tips on how to compensate a low gmat? any online course i can go for?
Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you very much.

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by Abhyank » Thu Jul 18, 2019 9:39 pm
Hey there,

So overall you have a fairly impressive profile. Here are few strong pointers for your profile;

A good CGPA- A lot of schools have GPA cutoffs and appreciate the stellar academic performance, so you are safe there.

With your said work experience and managerial internships you can hope to strengthen your profile more such as your NGO experience and foundation courses you have mentioned. Essays are a great way of doing this, so make sure that you spend enough time perfecting them.

You have a fair extracurricular background with a mix of several college extracurricular activities. That can easily be highlighted in your application and essay and will provide a positive impact on the school admission cell.

Coming to the part of your chances in ESSEC, ESCP and EDHEC, well since your profile is quite decent so you can try for these schools, also since these schools are quite competitive make sure to emphasize more on strengthening your profile with strong brand names on the CV, so you will need to find a way to compensate for that. If you can retake GMAT and aim for a 700+ score you have a fair chance in ESCP or ESSEC.
As far as choosing other school options are concerned, you can try IE, WHU, RSM, Bocconi as they have great program rankings, high competition for admissions and diverse class profiles. Going for EBS, Notredame Mendoza can be your safer options too.
Considering that you do not want to give GMAT, you can compensate for that by advancing more towards your work experience and extracurricular activities. So work on said tips for your application and be ready to showcase how your interest in the field has grown and how you are different than the crowd. Since each school takes 10-15 days to finish so start well in advance.
I would suggest you to take this profile evaluation to get a better idea about your chances at your target schools:
Good Luck!
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by Inventing Minds » Fri Jul 26, 2019 6:55 pm
Your GMAT is slightly lower - but GMAT is just one factor influencing your admissions - all you need is to build a strong profile.
In order to build a strong profile you need to show the following attributes in your application (essays, CV, Reco letters etc).

An out of box thinker with the drive and passion to come up with unique ideas. This is because universities look for innovators and value creators and not necessarily academic toppers!
How you have made great difference to your work place with outstanding ideas.
Have A New Vision before you post-studies to create a disruption in any field and emerge as a trendsetter.
Strong extra-curriculars, with interests in diverse areas. Social activities prove your multiple interests and your outgoing personality to bring about change.
Have an open mind and knowledge of multiple sectors and industries.
Ambitious, yet realistic.
In short, all universities look for future leaders and agents of change. So prove that you are a dynamic individual and not a static learner, and your objective is to bring about transformational change for society.

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