Profile Evaluation for INSEAD

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Profile Evaluation for INSEAD

by MBAHopeful28 » Thu Oct 07, 2021 4:02 pm
Hi all,

Thanks for taking the time to review my profile. :pray:

Background: 29 year old Civil Engineer
Nationality: New Zealand / Malaysia (which to focus?)
Location: Sydney, Australia
Education: BEng(Hons) in Civil Engineering from University of Auckland, NZ (GPA: A-), MEng(Hons) in Civil Engineering from University of Auckland, NZ (GPA: A)
GMAT Score: 710 (Q 49, V38, AR 5, AWA 6) - should I retake?
Industry: Transportation, Buildings, Construction
Experience: 6-7 years
Languages: English (native), Malay (Practising), Chinese (basic)

Current role:
Currently working as a Senior Civil Engineer in a large multinational engineering design company. Roles include day to day project management, leading small teams on engineering projects, lots of design and technical work, bid preparation, design of structures, a bit of client relationship,.

Previous roles:
Previous roles revolved around similar positions, but gradually increased my technical knowledge and am professionally recognised in the field (Chartered professional engineer)

Professional Achievements:
1) Early attainment of the CPEng title within 3 years when the norm is 5-6 years
2) Becoming a senior engineer after 4 years of experience when the norm is 6-8 years
3) Includes a stint leading a team of engineers in a satelite office for a period of 2 months
4) Leading multiple teams with consultancy fees up to $300k , to a high level of excellence
5) Worked on projects from Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Australia & New Zealand

Post MBA goals :
1) Short term - Want to pivot into a strategy and consulting role with a MBB company - having previously made the final round interviews at McK and recently received a job offer at Deloitte too (turned down to focus on MBA).
2) Long term - Operate in a C-suite position for one of my consulting clients whose culture I align with (perhaps finance or sustainability industry).

1) Represented a national team in ultimate frisbee in international tournaments across the region
2) Previously undertook a fellowship programme (2 weeks) in Bangalore related to social enterprise and sustainable products
3) Operated on the Engineering Industry committee; presented and hosted events related to mental health and professional development
4) Huge advocate for sustainability - just completed a diploma of sustainability with University of Tasmania while working full time - targeting High Distinction
5) Published an academic journal article into the Society of Earthquake Engineering, and also presented at a conference

1) Should I retake my GMAT score? - I understand people putting out 720+ as the magic number these days...
2) Is my profile competitive for INSEAD? Or should I focus on lower ranking universities?
3) How can I emphasise my "ability to contribute"?

Thank you again!


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Re: Profile Evaluation for INSEAD

by MargaretStrother » Sun Oct 31, 2021 7:27 pm
Hi MBAHopeful-- You've got some great stuff here! New Zealand and Malaysia are both relatively underserved demographics, so either would be an asset for you. Your career progress looks super, although I'd love to see more quantification about the size of the people-leadership roles in your professional history; leadership is an important admissions driver.

Community involvement appears relatively light, but I can't really tell from this brief list. It's been hard for people to build a strong community engagement profile over the last 18 months, for obvious reasons, but undergraduate clubs, sports and leadership are all important areas to highlight.

Of course a 720 GMAT would make you more competitive, but you already look quite solid to me! 710 puts you right at their median, so ten more points would make you a competitive asset. Assuming a GPA on the higher end of the scale, the GMAT only needs to show that you've got the smarts to keep up with the class -- you clearly have that; beyond that, a higher GMAT helps the school raise their average, which is something all schools want to do. So if you think you can get 720+, I'd definitely take another shot.

Overall -- you look like a super candidate for INSEAD! And as anyone who has worked with me can tell you, I wouldn't say that if I didn't believe it :)

Good luck!
Margaret Strother
Margaret Strother
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Re: Profile Evaluation for INSEAD

by CrackAdmisssion » Tue Nov 02, 2021 7:32 am
Hello MBAHopeful28,

Below is an evaluation of your profile from our end.

GMAT: Good.

ACADEMICS: Good. As far as I can tell, you already seem like a bright student with your GMAT score and grades. That is going to add to your candidature despite you hailing from the overrepresented engineering applicant pool.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Good. I see a lot of plus points in your work profile. Having experience working with international clients from Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Australia and Indonesia definitely sets you apart, not to mention early attainment of CPEng title and becoming a senior engineer early. It is great that you have ample leadership experience- something the adcom always looks for in an applicant- be sure to expand on them.

EXTRA CURRICULARS: Average. Your love for sustainability shines through in your application and definitely adds to your candidature, but we suggest expanding on more recent interests like sports or publishing academic journals.

Your current GMAT score plus a stellar application – including essays, LOR, CV, and application form will be good enough to get you into INSEAD. A score of 720+ will undoubtedly be better, but you can also work with what you have and focus on making the best out of it.

Wish you all the best and reach out to us in case you need personalized guidance!

Thanks and Regards,
Arijit Biswas
Founder, CrackAdmission
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