Profile Evaluation for INSEAD

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Profile Evaluation for INSEAD

by salman.taq » Wed Jan 11, 2017 3:08 am

Just wanted to have a Profile Evaluation for myself.

Age: 29
Graduation: BSc (Honors) Mathematics from highly reputed university in Pakistan, GPA: 2.7/4 (low unfortunately), Specialization GPA: 3.0
WE: 78 months (by matriculation), Sales & Trade Marketing in two multi-national Consumer Products organizations. Currently managing the biggest brand within the country.
GMAT 1: 660 (Q49 V32 IR6)
GMAT 2: 730 (Q48, V41, IR6)
EC: Co-founded journalism society in University, part of various clubs, nominated champion for various projects at work, teaching mathematics at my family-owned tuition centers in my home city
International exposure: Exchange year to York University, Canada, during graduation. Official trainings and conferences in Turkey, Dubai & Hong Kong. Personal travel to Europe, South East Asia etc.
Post-MBA Goal: Pursue a long-term career in Marketing function, up to the C-suite level.
Targeted schools: INSEAD, HEC Paris, Australian Schools (1-year MBA with January in-take)


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by mbaMissionNishaT » Wed Jan 11, 2017 10:12 pm
Hi - thanks for writing! Overall, it seems that you have a solid profile with good work experience and extracurriculars, so I think that INSEAD (while of course quite competitive) isn't out of range for you. Your GMAT score is strong so that should help offset your GPA somewhat (especially since GMAT is more recent), but I would still recommend writing an optional essay to explain it so that the AdCom is assured of your academic abilities.

Hope that helps! Do let me know of any other questions.