Profile Evaluation for Deferred MBA Progam

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Profile Evaluation for Deferred MBA Progam

by otto22 » Sat Aug 28, 2021 6:50 am
Hello, I wanted to write to include a review of my resume and ask whether you think I should be applying for these target schools.

Target Schools: HBS, Sloan, Booth, Stern

Background Info: 22-year-old male from Greece. Studies in the US with study abroad experience in Hong Kong.
Majors: Physics, Mathematics
Minors: Finance, Philosophy
Undergrad: Drexel University, GPA=3.96
GMAT: Anticipate around 720

Internships: Physics research internship with experiment at Yale University (3 months), Consulting internship with Big Four company (3 months).
Co-ops: Co-op with a multinational Insurance company as a risk analyst (6 months), Venture Capital co-op with a small tech company (6 months).
Projects: Selected for NASA-ran student competition to develop and apply a new space technology. Voted team leader and lead my team through the 4-month process. Finished in the top 3 teams.

Languages: Greek, English, German, Mandarin
Technical skills: A couple of programming languages plus machine learning experience.
Extra-curriculars: Debating (Finalist in Debate Tournament in China), Member of my university's venture capital club, Math tutor
Volunteering: Assisted local municipality with implementing remote work during COVID-19 pandemic.

Sectors I am interested in: Finance, Venture Capital, Banking
Story: Before and after I get my MBA I would like to gain as much experience as I can in finance. My ultimate goal is to return to my home country and create a financial services business (though not sure what service it will be yet).

Thank you for all the help!


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Hi Otto!
Your profile looks very promising. I love the GPA and the international exposure.
I'd worry about a 720 GMAT; 2+2-type programs are hard to get into, and you'll probably want to apply with a GMAT that's closer to, or ideally above, the median for your target schools. So 730+ would put you in a stronger position competitively.
Also, if you had more community service it would be better, but it's not an easy time to get hands-on community service involvement. The more clubs, sports and community involvements you are deeply involved in during college, the stronger your application will be.

Everything else looks good here -- when are you graduating from Drexel?

I'd say, go for these deferred-admission programs -- aim for the top, why not? Worst case scenario, you can reapply in a few years, and the experience of going through the application once will only improve your chances at that time.

Good luck!
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