Profile evaluation and guidance.

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Profile evaluation and guidance.

by kuwar » Sat Apr 20, 2019 9:41 am

I have just started my research and I find myself in this ocean of blogs, websites, videos and articles on how and where to do an MBA from and to he honest I have never been so lost. I think I need professional help. I am jotting down my profile below and hope to get some clarity from the replies I get to this post.

Country of Origin: India
High school: 87.4%
Intermediate with Math, Science, English and Computer Science as major subjects: 89%
B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering) from Uttar Pradesh Technical University: 69.5%
M.Tech (Chemical Engineering) from IIT Roorkee: 7.5 GPA
Working in startups for the last three and a half years, with two and a half years on the technology side and one year on the business side of things.
Several extracurricular and sports activities.

Financially I am doing just OK for myself, I do not come from money so going to an expensive private school is not what I want.
I would prefer a university in Europe with zero to minimal tuition, I am looking for somebody to guide me through the process, help me do my research and give me a realistic approximation of where I stand in the competition and how far I can hope to go.

Kuwar Singh

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by Abhyank » Sun Aug 04, 2019 11:17 am
Hey there!
I must say that you have a pretty impressive profile :)
You have a lot of things working out for you - job diversity, top college rank, start-up strong extracurriculars. The only thing is that these need to be highlighted through correct essays and LOR's
Now you have asked a couple of very specific questions about how and where to do an MBA from in Europe with minimal tuition. Here's my take on them:
A. Profile Building: While you have a good profile, know that you will be competing with 3000+ applicants for the top 10 schools, with a major chunk of them having stellar profiles as well.
As you have taken your masters from IIT so remember to add this in your essays. Along with a good profile, you need a solid differentiator. This can be in the form of some very strong quantifiable achievements, or a very unique skill set - Something that you do better than the others. Maybe you'll need to build it, or maybe you already have it in your profile ( In this case you will need to brainstorm and think how you can showcase it in the application). Apart from internships and GMAT, I would suggest taking up a community development project as well. Schools highly value social volunteering initiatives.

As an initial step, you should start preparing for the GMAT. For GMAT preparation official GMAT guides, a mix of e-GMAT and Magoosh works well for most applicants. You can also check out examPAL, they use AI-powered modules as a part of their teaching methodology
Getting a higher education abroad is a great accomplishment and a life-changing experience, but most times it also involves high costs.
European business schools are still more affordable compared to American business schools. There are also good opportunities for students to finance their business studies in Europe. Below is the list of
Business Schools for an MBA in Europe
1. ESMT Berlin, Germany.
2. The Erasmus University of Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
3. IE Business School, Spain.
4. INSEAD Business School, France.
5. Bocconi University, Italy.
6. Warwick Business School, United Kingdom.
7.ESADE Business School, Spain.

As you are specifically looking for universities with minimal tuition fees Germany would be the best option. Although while you target the above schools you can always apply for the scholarships as there is a wide variety of scholarships available.

Hope this helped !
Abhyank Srinet
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