Profile Evaluation ~690 Retake?

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Profile Evaluation ~690 Retake?

by pradeepmaria » Wed Sep 20, 2017 7:18 pm
Thanks in advance! I am looking for on guidance on the feasibility of my applications

Gmat: 690

Indian Male 31

Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering 58%
2 years work ex as programmer, Accenture, India

Masters in Industrial Engineering, SUNY Buffalo GPA 3.44
2 years Factory Planning Engineer at fortune 500 semiconductor manufacturing
2 years Information management Analyst at Ford Motor Company
2.5 years Process Improvement Engineer at Fortune 500 Healthcare company

Certified Six Sigma Black Belt
PMP certified

Target Schools
Haas EWMBA program
UCLA FEMBA program

Please let me know if re taking GMAT would be a good idea and if profile strength for these two programs.


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by mbaMissionJenK » Sat Sep 23, 2017 9:16 am
Hi there,

You are in the 'ballpark' so to speak for both the Haas EWMBA (avg gmat 700) and UCLA FEMBA (average 680), and have enough experience to bring a lot of perspective to the table... I don't know as much about the details of your career and CV and leadership examples and accomplishments etc, or other community involvement and life elements... all of those can make a big impact, as can recommendations and essays, so tough to say how strong your shot is, but you're not too far of a stretch based upon GMAT. I would base the re-take decision upon how likely you think it would be for you to improve... i.e. if you have been getting 730+ on practice tests for example I'd say give it one more shot ASAP just in case you improve and it helps! If not really confident in that maybe focus on other elements of the applications. Good luck!
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