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Profile Evaluation 2+2Hbs

by Gagan Reddy » Wed May 22, 2019 9:39 am

Nationality- India
Age- 20


Currently 3rd year in BBA with specialisation of IT.
Top college in the country
CGP - 7.9/10.0.
10th and 12std 80%.

Academic Certification

- Entrepreneurship in emerging economics from HarvardX online 92%
- Google certification in Digital Marketing 91%
- Udacity Digital marketing NanoDegree
- Hubspot Academy certification in Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing and Business Blogging.
- Sololearn certificate in SQL fundamentals

Internship experience

- Unfurl Technologies company as Digital Marketer Intern in which i created marketing strategy and app development.
- The Climber company an Indian Institute Management based as Sales intern leading a team of 3 with 1 lakh sales in a month.
- Promoted as Operations head intern for entire city in The Climber. Lead a team of 15.
- Team lead Volunteer for a Non-profit company Villgro Innovations . Lead a team of 15 for conducting event for 200+ delegates in Mumbai.
- Nasscom event volunteer . Conducted event for 1000+ delegates fo National Conference.
- Team lead Volunteer for Villgro in Banglore . lead a team of 20 for 600+ delegates.
- Volunteer for NGO which developed skills in 500+ underprivilged kids


Founder of 5 clubs in my college .
- Impacted in converting 200+ students to join.
- Organised 2 fests which had 1000+ participations .
- Head of management for 6 months.

Extra Curricular

- District level boxer under 16 Bronze Medallist
- College boxer under 16 silver medallist and team winner.
- Awarded the gentleman quality award.
- Participated in 2 Model united Nations.
- Iken Scietnfica Zonal round participant.
- School player for Football , Cricket and atheletics
- Gold medallist in Cancer sponsored walk.

Looking forward for lots of replies .
PLZ EVALUATE MY profile for 2+2 harvard mba programme.



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by MargaretStrother » Mon Jun 03, 2019 6:12 am
Hi -- so far your profile looks good! Strong academic and community involvement, leadership, great numbers. Now, HBS will want to know more about your goals and aspirations, why MBA, why HBS, why 2+2's unique program, and what you hope to do professionally in the years between being accepted to the 2+2 and beginning your Harvard studies. What drives you? What makes you "Harvard-y", as opposed to simply a high-performing undergrad? How do you envision becoming an industry leader in the long term?

My suggestion is that you spend the next few months studying the 2+2 program and particularly reading through the bios of previous accepted 2+2 and HBS students. Immerse yourself in the tone of their presentations, and think about where you find common ground with their aspirations and choices.

Meanwhile, internships: look for something with a stronger global brand, so that your HBS admissions readers can contextualize you more easily. Given your location and academic background, you should have many options among the giants of the tech world. Make strategic choices about your internships and involvements from here on, to get your profile more international.

Also, get the GMAT out of the way as soon as possible -- it can be such a productivity drain.

Good luck!
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