MBA from UNSW or UQ or ANU or Monash for 7 year exp in IT?

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Hi everyone,

I am a 30 year old male having 7 years of experience in Aviation industry working on IT infrastructure and Airport Modernization. I wanted to do an full time MBA after my Btech and get placed in a senior management job profile, work for few (approx 10-15) years abroad (open to any country) and then get back to India at a very senior position and stay with my family afterwards. Currently I am working in a middle mgt job. I have cleared the following universities in Australia.

1. AGSM, Univ of New South Wales
2. Australia National University
3. Monash University
4. University of Queensland
5. Mcquaire university
6. Univ of tech Sydney
7. UWA
8. La Trobe Univ

After talking to many people around me and looking at the rankings I feel that the top four universities (1-4) are good and one can expect a good paying job (>80$ pa) after completing MBA from these universities.

I have always seen this forum as the apt place to get solutions to all your queries and I am really looking forward to some great minds here to help me choose the apt university for me so that I can decide and go ahead with one of these.

I would also like someone to enlighten me about the usefulness of doing a 2 year MBA instead of a < 2 year one, for getting jobs in India and abroad. Also if there is a strong benefit in doing a 2 year MBA to get the 2 year work visa or its just a marketing gimmick.


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by Admit1MBA » Fri Jul 10, 2015 5:21 am
Hi Anshul,
I'm replying because I saw that your post is up for a while and you got no answers yet...
If you can't find any students or alumni in this forum, I highly recommend approaching the schools and asking them to connect you with their students and hear from them directly. They are usually happy to do so.

You can also try linkedin and approach alumni from these schools who work in your desired companies - check to see if you have any industry groups in common, or mutual connections. A personal note can go a long way.

I hope that this helps.
Best of luck,

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