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profile eval request

by PiyushCh2k21 » Mon Dec 13, 2021 7:41 am
1. Hi Experts,

Request you to evaluate my profile.

I gave my GMAT for the first time this year and got a score of 720(V39,Q49,IR 3).

Currently, I am working as a Data Analyst for Morgan stanley for a year now.

My work ex is close to 5 years

My academic results:
12th: 82%
B.Tech:8.1 GPA.

I did my B.Tech from a good private college in Delhi, in Information Technology.

Talking about extra-curricular activities, I have run a lot of marathons and have won couple of medals for 10 km runs. Apart from that, I have an interest in cooking gourmet food belonging to different cuisines and have been helping my sister run our own small bakery and cooking YouTube channel.

Also, I am getting good ratings iny current organisation.
Have not been really involved in NGO activities.

Could you please tell me how are my chances for ISB one year MBA program. I can provide any other information which you guys might require to help with the evaluation.

Thanks in advance,
Piyush Chandra