Powers and Roots

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Powers and Roots

by [email protected] » Tue Mar 08, 2016 7:19 am

- Introduction to exponents: Learn some definitions and some important properties of exponents

- Exponential growth: Observe how different numbers behave differently when raised to increasingly large exponents

- Squaring numbers ending in 5: Learn an easy technique for mentally squaring numbers ending in 5

- Laws of exponents - part I: Learn the Product Law, Quotient Law, Power of a Power Law, and also learn some common mistakes that students make

- Negative exponents: Learn why the Negative Exponent Law works, and learn a nice rule for raising fractions to negative powers.

- Laws of exponents - part II: Learn the Power of a Product Law, the Power of a Quotient Law and the Combining Powers Law.

- Units digits of large powers: Learn a systematic way to find the units digits of large powers

- Practice finding the units digit of a large power: Find the units digit of 53 to the power of 35

- Introduction to square roots: Take an introductory look at square roots and learn some important properties of square roots

- Other roots: Learn about cube roots, fourth roots and so on, and learn several properties of other roots

- Properties of roots: Learn about products of roots and quotients of roots

- Simplifying roots: Learn how to rewrite roots in simplest terms.

- Operations with roots: Learn how to add, subtract, multiply and divide roots, and learn how to avoid common mistakes

- Fractional exponents: Learn how to evaluate powers with fractional exponents

- Solving equations with exponents: Learn how to solve equations with variables in the exponent

- "Fixing" (rationalizing) the denominator: Learn how to handle fractions with roots in the denominator
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