Pls evaluate my chances of getting into top tier schools

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I am planning to apply for the below schools in round three

London Business School
UCB - round two (Dec 10th is deadline)
Chicago GSB

I want to get into Management consulting. So if there are any other schools, please do suggest.

Please rate my profile.

Also, how much time is required for TOEFL examination.

Work experience:
8 years in Audit and Compliance consulting services

Working at a Big 4 accounting firm in the US from 2007 Oct. Performance rating for year ending 2009: 2 (exceeds expectations)
Provided compliance consulting/audit services for fortune 100 companies such as Microsoft, Boeing, Royal Dutch Shell, Regence

GMAT score: 690 (Q 49, V 35) (third attempt - how does this impact?)

Graduation & certifications:
- Bachelor of Commerce
- Chartered Accountant from Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
- Certified Information Systems Auditor
- Certified Internal Auditor

Academic achievements:
- First rank in high school & secured medal in both years(plus 2)
- First in college in under graduation & secured 4th rank at University level
- 21st rank in Chartered Accountancy final examinations - (top 0.01%)

Extra curricular activities:
- Board member at ASCEND leadership, Pan Asian leadership community
- Lead an event as part of community services hosted by my employer

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by Brett N » Thu Nov 12, 2009 2:38 pm
Chances are 17.8% Jk, I think you have a solid profile and decent chances to get accepted into your top choice INSEAD. You have a couple of things to overcome - a lower-than-average GMAT score and your reasons for wanting an MBA are going to enter you into a large pool of applicants. For this reason, you will want to highlight your strengths and what you will bring, because of your experience, to the class. Does that make sense?
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