Please help me defining my strategy

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Please help me defining my strategy

by jervizeloy » Thu Nov 17, 2016 5:19 pm

I'm a 29 years old Mechanical Engineer from Venezuela, with a Msc. in Petroleum Geology (which I did in China), and 5 years of international experience within the field of Energy.

I've recently received my official GMAT scores and I got Q50, V31, IR5, and AWA3.5, for a score of 690.

I'm planning to apply to MIT, Ross and USC during round 2. However, I'm concerned about my low AWA score. I know it was because of my nerves and I'm sure I can do better in this section but I'm not so confident about repeating my success in quant. I wouldn't like to retake the test, but, should I do it? Would such a low AWA hurt my application? What can I do to fix this negative mark in my profile?

Thanks for your responses

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by [email protected] » Wed Nov 30, 2016 6:17 pm
Thanks for sharing.

You have an interesting profile, which should have plenty of materials to share regarding teamwork and international exposure.

Regarding your GMAT, Quant score would be more important than AWA score. If you decide to try a retake, just be prepared to cancel the scores after the test, if your Quant score suffers.

All the best!
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